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The Causeway Coast and Glens Local Action Group (LAG) has been allocated £9.6 million budget which will be available through the Local Action Group to meet Priority 6.  There are six schemes available under Priority 6:


Rural Business Investment Scheme

The Rural Business Investment Scheme will provide investment support for the creation and development of micro and small enterprises (including farm diversification and private tourism businesses) in rural areas. All businesses applying will require a business plan and 3-year financial projections to support their application. The funding will primarily provide capital grants with some resource funds towards bespoke training and marketing. Support is primarily targeted at rural areas ie excluding towns with a population of more than 5,000. 


Village Renewal Scheme

The Village Renewal Scheme will provide financial support primarily for the drafting of integrated village plans and also for the renewal of rural villages as directed by those plans. The village plan is a working document that has the support of that village's community. It should provide a needs-based strategic framework to coordinate specific development actions. Support for Village Renewal must fit with the Council Community Plans as well as integrating with the Village Renewal plans supported under the 2007-2013 Rural Development Programme. The measure will aim to build on the overarching fabric of a village/town integrating with other funding from other government departments and agencies. The measure will aim to address rural dereliction and prioritise reuse of existing derelict buildings, particularly to provide community infrastructure.


Rural Broadband Scheme

This scheme will provide financial support (£2m) to fill the gap for rural dwellers who cannot avail of broadband and will help address the very rural ‘not spots’ that are currently outside the scope of any other government initiatives. Funding will be limited to small broadband infrastructure schemes that will involve innovative community-led solutions for local access.


Rural Basic Services Scheme

The Basic Services Scheme will support capital investments which will provide a community with access to basic services or improvements in social infrastructure (including activities to reduce isolation and/or poverty) through an existing local community hub. The scheme aims to assist with the improvement of welfare and accessibility to basic services of those living in rural areas and which are an integral part of and in line with the Council Community Plan and emerging priorities.


Local Action Group Co-operation (North / South or within the EU)

The Department of Agriculture, Environment, and Rural Affairs considers Co-operation Actions to be a priority activity for the 2014 2020 Programme with a particular emphasis on cross-border projects. As a result, strategies must make provision for the development and funding of at least 2 North/South Co-operation Projects.  Co-operation projects that involve a North South, East West or European basis are also eligible. The Department would encourage co-operation projects which are focused on the development of opportunities, afforded by unique landscape or natural resources that cross the boundaries of 2 or more LAG areas.

Co-operation activities are considered to take place in Northern Ireland,United Kingdom,Ireland, and the European context.


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