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The Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2014:2020 will make a real difference to the lives of people living and working in rural areas.  The Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs has earmarked £70 million to assist with the improvement of the local rural economy, job creation and tackling poverty. 

For this to be truly effective it must be implemented under the guidance and direction of local people who know at first hand the challenges, desires and needs of their local areas. This is known as the LEADER approach, an EU wide initiative that will give local people a real opportunity to get involved and have their say in the delivery of a local development strategy.  For the Causeway Coast and Glens area, the Local Action Group Board is comprised of the following people:


Ann McNickle 

Anthony McGarvey 

Alderman Mark Fielding

Susan McLaughlin

Karin Eyben

Cllr Michelle Knight-McQuillan

Thomas Collins MBE

Karl McKillop

Cllr Dermot Nicholl

Cllr Sandra Hunter

Paul Mullan

Alderman John Finlay

Mairead McCormick

Cllr Richard Holmes

Cllr Leanne Peacock

Ian Stevenson

William King

Cllr Margaret Anne McKillop



Geraldine Wills- Rural Development Project, Claims & Monitoring Officer


Tel: 028 7034 7045


Stephen Emerson - Finance Officer


Tel: 028 7034 7047

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