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The Causeway Coast and Glens LAG launched their Interim Local Rural Development Strategy for the LEADER part of the programme which they are delivering.  The Strategy outlines the consultation and research that was undertaken, the rural priorities of the Borough and the budget allocated against each scheme.

LAG Strategy

The Strategic Aim of the Causeway Coast and Glens Local Action Group, through the implementation of Priority 6 of the Rural Development Programme, is:

“To improve the quality and sustainability of local social and economic life and create a high-quality experience for all rural residents in the Borough”.

The Interim Local Rural Development Strategy will assist the Causeway Coast and Glens Local Action Group in the management of their funding allocation under Priority 6 of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 for the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough.

Throughout the development of the Interim Strategy, the Local Action Group used the LEADER bottom-up approach to consult and ensure that the needs identified and the subsequent actions meet the needs of the rural community in the Borough.

Strategic Objectives

Rural Business Investment Scheme

91 jobs created (FTE)
39 businesses supported
4 people completing bespoke training
65 beneficiaries/people receiving capital grants for their business 
3 businesses supported to introduce/expand e-business
3 businesses who have started to export as a result of the grant


Basic Services Scheme

1,300 people benefitting from improved services / infrastructure
13 projects supported for investment in local basic services for the rural population


Rural Village Renewal Scheme

650 people benefitting from village renewal projects
13 villages supported to draw up or enhance village development plans
7 projects supported for investments in village development
7 derelict / vacant properties brought back into use


Broadband Scheme

 1 operation for investment in broadband infrastructure and access to broadband, including e-government services
10 people benefitting from new or improved IT infrastructures (eg broadband internet)

Co-operation Scheme

 7% of the budget will be allocated to Co-operation projects
 At least 2 Co-operation projects to be developed

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