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LAG members head to Hungary in search of Co-operation Opportunities

Causeway Coast and Glens LAG has agreed that it will participate in LINC2016 in Hungary during 27-29th September 2016. Members will  primarily attend workshops on the potential for co-operation projects to be developed with partners on the theme of River Tourism.  

The LAG is currently working on finding a partner LAG and developing a Co-operation project. A Co-operation project will involve LAGs working  together on activities to resolve specific problems or add values to local resources. Meetings have been arranged with other LAG members that have an interest in developing co-operation with our LAG. Members will also participate in study visits to projects funded under Rural Development in Hungary. These meetings and the wider event will allow the exchange of achievements, experiences, best-practice methods, and innovation success between various entities involved in rural development within the EU.

Causeway Coast & Glens LAG has ambitions to lead on a co-operation project directly linked to river-based activities, (most likely tourism related)  and sees the Hungarian event as an ideal opportunity to network with like-minded LAGs with whom they could partner and also to experience the  benefits to the rural area that successful water-based activities can have.  These objectives are particularly pertinent in the upcoming event as the  host LAG has important links to the Danube River and, accordingly has experience of delivering river tourism projects.

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