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Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is committed to improving the services the Council provides to ratepayers, visitors and customers. The Council is constantly reviewing these services in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and has placed a focus on seeking more innovative ways in which they can be delivered. Some of the approaches taken involve collaboration with stakeholders and partners while others involve the use of technology. This document sets out the annual Corporate Performance Improvement Plan for the Council based on the Council`s Corporate Strategy, the Community Plan, Departmental Business Plans and Consultation feedback. The plan, which is a requirement under the Local Government Act (NI) 2014, sets out key performance objectives and targets across the range of services that the Council delivers.

Causeway Coast and Glens Council - Citizens Survey 2022


- In June 2021, through the 2021/22 Performance Improvement Plan, Council began to work on an Improvement Objective to increase our levels of engagement with citizens. Primary amongst this was the development, rollout, and completion of CCG’s first Citizen’s Survey. We set an ambitious target of 2,000 responses

Citizen’s Survey

- The Citizen’s Survey was opened on 24th November 2021 and then closed on 7th January 2022.

- An invitation leaflet to take part was delivered to every domestic address in the Borough. A promotional video was developed and issued through Council’s social media channels and local press and media were also utilised.

- As this was Council’s first ever Citizen’s Survey, the decision was taken to focus on the key visible areas of refuse collection, street cleansing, parks and open spaces, sport and leisure, births deaths and marriages, and community facilities.

Outcomes and Headline Results

- Council have received 2,268 responses in total, with an excellent completion rate of 82%. For a population the size of Causeway Coast and Glens, this is a statistically significant number, which means that we can have a high degree of confidence (95%) that the views expressed will be in line with those of the population as a whole.

- Citizens were asked to rate Council’s overall performance with a maximum score of 5 Stars. Council achieved an overall score of 3.2 which demonstrates that Council is viewed in a positive light. Indeed, over 40% of respondents returned a satisfaction rate of 4 Stars or above.

- Refuse Collection was perceived as the most important service for citizens. It was also the Service area that scored most highly on questions around performance.

- Some areas for improvement identified were around the perceived lack of services for young people and the low levels of engagement between Council and young people.

- 870 respondents took the opportunity to provide further comments on any aspects of the Councils performance. This has provided an additional wealth of information and valuable qualitative data. The areas mentioned the most in the additional comments were Council facilities, recycling, litter, car parking and swimming.

Updated - 30 September 2022 - Self-Assessment of Performance 2021/22 - Please see below

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