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Performance Improvement Plan 2018/2019

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Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is committed to improving the services the Council provides to ratepayers, visitors and customers. The Council is constantly reviewing these services in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and has placed a focus on seeking more innovative ways in which they can be delivered. Some of the approaches taken involve collaboration with stakeholders and partners while others involve the use of technology. This document sets out the annual Corporate Performance Improvement Plan for the Council based on the Council`s Corporate Strategy, the Community Plan, Departmental Business Plans and Consultation feedback. The plan, which is a requirement under the Local Government Act (NI) 2014, sets out key performance objectives and targets across the range of services that the Council delivers.

Continuous Improvement

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is committed to achieving continuous improvement in the exercise of its functions as set out in the forward thinking themes detailed within the Corporate Strategy. The Council has developed a Performance Improvement Policy to underpin its continuous improvement approach and this includes a framework cycle that reviews annual performance and identifies on going improvements and measurement. Many of the projects within the Performance Improvement Plan will continue for an extended period of time to assess longer term performance improvements and impacts.

Role of the Community Plan

The Local Government Act (NI) 2014 establishes a link between the Corporate Performance Improvement Plan and the Community Plan. As such there is an alignment with the core themes that form the longer term strategic vision contained in the Community Plan. These core themes are as follows:

  • A Sustainable Accessible Environment
  • A Thriving Economy
  • A Healthy Safe Community

The performance measures contained within the Corporate Performance Improvement Plan can assist the Council to assess how the various objectives and projects enhance and contribute to achieving the outcomes established as targets within the Community Plan. The thematic linkages are set out in the table below.

Community Planning Theme2018/19 Performance Improvement ObjectiveCouncil 2015-19 Strategy Themes
A sustainable accessible environmentImprove local area sustainabilityInnovation and Transformation Protecting and Enhancing Our Environments and Assets
A thriving economyAssist to diversify the local economyAccelerating Our Economy and Contributing to Prosperity
A healthy safe communityIncrease physical activity levels of residentsResilient, Healthy and Engaged Communities
Improve operational efficiency Leader and Champion