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Performance Improvement Plan 2016/2017

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The Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council was formed on 1st April 2015 from the four Legacy Councils, Ballymoney, Coleraine, Limavady and Moyle. The new Council has developed a Corporate Strategy that contains the priority themes and objectives for the next four years. The Council is also the lead partner in developing a Community Plan. The Community Plan will form the basis for an annual Performance Improvement Plan containing key objectives and deliverables for any particular financial year. These objectives will have performance targets agreed annually by the Council. The Council will collate information to measure its performance against the targets set and will then publicise the results. In addition to self- imposed performance improvement targets, the Council has a duty, under the Local Government Act (NI) 2014 (the Act), to set improvement targets in at least one of the following areas-

  1. Strategic effectiveness;
  2. Service quality;
  3. Service availability;
  4. Fairness;
  5. Sustainability;
  6. Efficiency; and
  7. Innovation.

Each year the Council will undertake a performance review before setting objectives for the next financial year. The Local Government Auditor will also carry out a detailed review of the Performance Improvement Plan and assess the extent to which the Council has met its obligations under the Act. The Improvement Duty imposes a duty on Councils to:

  • Make arrangements to secure continuous improvement in the exercise of its functions and to set improvement objectives for each financial year (Section 84).
  • Establish and make arrangements to achieve improvement objectives for the exercise of its functions (Section 85)
  • Frame those objectives in terms of strategic effectiveness, service quality, service availability, fairness, sustainability, efficiency and innovation (Section 86) within its Community Plan
  • Consult with ratepayers, service users and other interested parties about its improvement duties (Section 87)
  • Have in place appropriate arrangements to achieve the above taking account of any relevant guidance issued (Section 88)
  • Make arrangements to exercise its functions in such a way as to meet any targets set by the Department (Section 89)
  • Collect information to measure and assess performance (Section 90)
  • Compare its performance over time and with others exercising similar functions (Section 91)
  • Publish an Annual Performance Report by 30th September each year (Section 92(2))
  • Publish an Annual Improvement Plan with improvement objectives as required under Section 85 (or contain this as an extract within the Corporate/Community Plan) as soon as is practical after the beginning of the financial year to which the Plan relates (Section 92(4))
  • Respond appropriately to Audit and Assessment reports from the Local Government Auditor as and when required (Section 96 (2))
  • Have regard to any guidance issued by the Department in relation to its modification of existing or conferring of new powers under Section 101) (Section 101)

Duty on the Local Government Auditor

Performance improvement plans and the arrangements by which performance is delivered will be audited by the Local Government Auditor. The Act requires that the Local Government Auditor should:

  • Carry out an annual improvement information and planning audit of all Councils each financial year to determine whether a Council has complied with its duties in relation to the publication of an Annual Performance Report.
  • Carry out an improvement assessment of all Councils each financial year to determine whether a Council is likely to comply with the overall Improvement duty in the year or years ahead (i.e. forward looking)
  • Issue an Audit and Assessment Report by 30th November each year to those Councils as specified by the Department.
  • Issue a Special Inspection Report following any special inspection.
  • Issue an Annual Improvement Report to the Councils in receipt of an Audit and Assessment Report and/or a Special Inspection Report.  
  • Make recommendations to the Department on the need to issue a direction to a Council.

Download the full Performance Improvement Plan 2016/2017

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