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Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is required under section 2 of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014 to prepare and keep up to date a Constitution. This Constitution governs how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures to be followed to ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability to local people.

Our Constitution is divided into six parts which set out the basic rules and procedures governing Council’s business. These are:

Part 1 Articles of the Constitution
Article 1The Constitution
The powers of the Council and the purpose of the Constitution
Article 2 Members of the Council
The composition of the Council, the roles and functions of all councillors, conduct and the scheme of allowances payable
Article 3 Citizens and the Council
The rights and responsibilities of citizens
Article 4The Council
The policy and budget framework within which the Council operates, the functions of the Council and responsibility for functions
Article 5Chairing the Council
The role of the Chairperson/Mayor/Lord Mayor
Article 6Decision-Making Structures
Details of the decision-making structure adopted by the Council
Article 7Regulatory and Other Committees
The arrangements adopted by the Council for the discharge of functions by committees.
Article 8Joint Arrangements
The operation of any joint committees
Article 9Officers
The Council’s management structure, the functions of chief officers, conduct and employment.
Article 10Procedures for Decision-Making
Responsibility for decision-making, principles of decision-making, the role of the Council and committees
Article 11Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters
The Council’s arrangements for the conduct of its financial matters, the making of contracts and the handling of legal matters
Article 12Review and Revision of the Constitution
The arrangements for the review and revision of the Constitution
Article 13Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution
Matters relating to the suspension of the Constitution, its interpretation and publication
Part 2Responsibility for Functions
Annex 1Principles of Delegation
Annex 2Responsibilities for Council Functions
(Details of each committee established by the Council and the powers, duties and functions of those committees)
Annex 3Joint Arrangements
(Details of any joint committees established by the Council)
Annex 4 Scheme of Delegation
Part 3Rules of Procedure
3.1Access to Information Procedure Rules
(including Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations policy and procedures)
3.2Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules
3.3Contracts Procedure Rules
3.4Council Standing Orders
3.5Financial Procedure Rules
Part 4Codes and Protocols
4.1Code of Conduct for Councillors
4.2Code of Conduct for Officers
4.3Local Government Employee and Councillor Working Relationship Protocol

Part 5 – Members’ Allowance Scheme

Part 6 – Officers’ Management Structure


You can download a copy of the complete Council Constitution by clicking on the button below.

Council Constitution - Revised February 2024 v14

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