Regulations and Guidance for Tourism and Hospitality Businesses

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The Northern Ireland Executive has agreed a number of gradual and proportionate relaxations to the current coronavirus restrictions for the hospitality sector and indoor venues. 

Forthcoming relaxations for hospitality and indoor venues

As the Coronavirus regulations are reviewed and updated regularly, it is essential that you keep up to date with the current requirements and restrictions in order to manage the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within your workplace.

Current regulations

What do the Coronavirus Regulations and Guidance mean for you?

The Northern Ireland Executive has issued guidance applicable to the following businesses from 30 September 2021

Guidance for indoor visitor attractions

Guidance for retail settings

Guidance for indoor seated venues


Tourism NI Tourism and hospitality sector related guidance 


Sector specific guidance

Working safely in different business settings

Face coverings
The requirement to wear face coverings remains in place for staff and customers in certain circumstances in business settings.  Face visors or shields do not offer the same protection as a cloth face covering sitting directly over the nose and mouth. 

COVID-19 in a business setting – a quick guide for employers
A summary guide for what to do in the event of a member of staff or public experiencing symptoms/testing positive for COVID-19

Test, Trace and Protect
To assist with contract tracing efforts, hospitality businesses must keep temporary records of their clients and visitors for 21 days 

Workplace COVID-19 Testing

Good ventilation is important to reduce COVID-19 in the workplace 

Vaccination and the Workplace

COVID-19 vaccinations and restrictions

If you have any queries, please contact a member of the Health and Safety Team T 028 2766 0257 or E