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Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is responsible for promoting tourism within the borough and co-ordinating applications for tourism signage.

When assessing an application Council will liaise with Tourism Northern Ireland on the eligibility of tourist destinations and with TransportNI in relation to the design, location and extent of signing.

The cost of any approved signage is paid for by the applicant. A summary of the process is available to download below - Tourist Signage Policy Fact Sheet

What can be signed?

In Northern Ireland, tourist destinations are split into ‘facilities’ and ‘attractions’ for signage purposes. Tourist facilities may be signed from the nearest main road. Tourist attractions (meeting certain criteria) may in exceptional circumstances also be signed from motorways.

The list below provides examples of the types of tourist destinations which may be eligible for signing (subject to certain criteria being met) from the strategic road network.

Facility Attraction TNI Signage costs comprise of
Hotels Visitor Centres TNI funded tourism products Design
Guest Houses Zoos TNI Quality Graded tourism providers Installation inc. temporary traffic management
Caravan and Camping Parks Museums   Future maintenance
Picnic sites Activity Centres   Size of sign and number required, also road type
Campus Accommodation Theatres & Art Centres   Post submission of application Council will liaise with Transport NI for estimate cost
Motor home hire companies



Aire de Service      

Please note that even where a destination is eligible for tourist signage, signage cannot be guaranteed.

The final decision will be taken by TransportNI, taking into consideration road safety and traffic management issues

For further information download the Policy for Tourist Signing in NI immediately below.

What can't be signed?

Utilities i.e. places or services which are of use to tourists but would not constitute tourist attractions are not eligible for tourist signage. Utilities would include shops, shopping centres, restaurants, art galleries, garden centres and sports facilities.

Please note that due to the number of destinations in NI it is not feasible for all to be signed.


Application forms (available for download below) should be submitted to Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Cloonavain, 66 Portstewart Road, Coleraine BT52 1EY

Policy for Tourist Signing in NI

Summary and Guidance notes Tourist Signage NI

Tourist Signage Application Form

Tourist Signage Policy Fact Sheet