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The Causeway Coastal Route Cluster Group

In addition to The Causeway Coastal Route Cluster Group there are 3 regional action clusters namely: The Gobbins : The Glens of Antrim : Causeway Binevenagh


Membership Values

The key objective of the Causeway Coastal Route Cluster is to support and promote our members who are committed to develop and grow the Causeway Coastal Route as a premier visitor destination.

The main focus of the Causeway Coastal Route cluster is strategic direction to action the linking of businesses together to promote longevity and growth both individually and collectively. Regional action clusters The Gobbins, The Glens of Antrim, Causeway & Binevenagh will provide a local focus and nurture the building of strong relationships, for the benefit of the destination.

Collaborating together we will create excitement, quality and value for visitors by connecting a wide range of high quality local offerings to boost dwell time and spend. 

Members are positive with civic pride and advocacy for tourism and represent all sections of the tourism mix; accommodation, attractions, activities, food providers and makers, transport, retail, tour guides, marketing and public relations, IT solutions, further education institutions. 


The Causeway Coastal Route Cluster and its 3 regional action clusters are underpinned by 5 core values:-

Collaboration : Connectivity : Destination Pride : Positivity :  Quality & Value.


Member Commitment

The members of the Causeway Coastal Route Cluster & the 3 regional action clusters agree to:

  • Promote and be receptive to collaboration and cooperation growth.
  • Maintain a positive working attitude and promote civic pride on the route.
  • Community engagement to nurture pride and advocacy for tourism both locally and regionally
  • Ensure a consistently high quality tourism offering is provided
  • Support regional and overall route activities and meetings with regular attendance.
  • Strengthen the infrastructure and connectivity between regions.
  • Be responsible and protect our local and regional environment.
  • Be respectful, act with integrity and build trust with members at all times.
  • Offer mentoring and a platform for sharing best practice support to other businesses.
  • Maintain confidentiality when appropriate.
  • Commit to devote time and energy to assist the cluster group to achieve its objectives by attending at least 50% of cluster events in the calendar year


Member Benefits

  • Network for business matchmaking and collaboration development.
  • Benefit from attending a range of themed workshops, working group meetings, network events, provided in a welcoming and comfortable environment.
  • Signposting and guidance to appropriate forms of support for personal and business development.
  • Fast member promotions through channels of the cluster and network.
  • Regular briefing on tourism opportunities from key note speakers.
  • Access to funded opportunities levered by the Causeway Coastal Route cluster to provide training, support and other means organised through the local regional cluster network.
  • A collective voice.
  • Sharing of learning and experience to grow and develop my business.

Join Now

Register as a member of the Causeway Coastal Route Cluster (The Gobbins, The Glens of Antrim, Causeway & Binevenagh)

For further information and enquiries please contact: engagement@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk or contact Kelli@ceal.co.uk for details of upcoming cluster meetings.

Image courtesy of Northern Ireland Tourist Board