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A1 - Application for Consent to Display an Advertisement

DC - Application for Discharge of Condition(s)

EIA - Request for an Environemental Impact Assessment (EIA) Determination

HSC - Application for Hazardous Substance Consent

LB1 - Application for Listed Building Consent

NMC1 - Application for Non-material Change (NMC)

PAN1 - Proposal of Application Notice (PAN)

LDC1 - Application for Certificate of Lawfulness for existing Use or Development

LDC2 - Application for Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed Use or Development

MDA1 - Application to Modify or Discharge a Planning Agreement

P1 - Application for permission to Develop Land

P1C - Application for a Dwelling on a Farm

P2 - Planning Application Certificate under Section 42 of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011

P2A - Notice of application for Planning Permission/Listed Building Consent

PAD - Request for Pre Application Discussion (PAD)

PCAC - Application for Conservation Area Consent

PHD - Application for Householder Development

PE - Preliminary Enquiry or GDO Notification

RVC1 - Application for permission to development land with compliance with conditions of a previous approval


Tree Work Form (TW1)

If you wish to carry out works to a protected tree(s), you must first apply for consent from the Councils Planning Section. Consent can be requested in writing through the completion of a Tree Work form (TW1). A copy of the form along with the associated guidance notes are available to download from the following links:

There is no fee to apply for consent.

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