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If you are unsure whether or not planning permission will be granted and you want more detail in relation to what constraints there are within the site and what further additional information may be required, you can submit a request to us for a Pre-Application Discussion


Pre-application discussions are welcomed and encouraged and will take a different form depending on the type, scale and complexity of the proposed development.  The discussions will therefore vary from a simple discussion with a planning officer to a formal meeting for more complex proposals.  For the more complex proposals it may be necessary for you to submit as much information as possible of the proposed development to enable meaningful discussion to take place.


Matters that may be addressed at pre-application discussions include:

  • Planning history of the site
  • The development plan and other planning policies and guidance
  • General advise on completing the application form and what other supplementary information may be required
  • Advice on general procedures for processing of application


It is important to note that any pre-application advice given is on a without prejudice basis.  It does not comprise any formal decision by us and is not therefore legally binding.


You should be aware that information related to pre-application requests may be subject to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2002 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.  These provide for some exemptions from the need to disclose commercially sensitive information.  In cases where you consider that specific information is exempt under the Act or Regulations, you should provide the justification to us.

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