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Pre-Application Discussions

If you are unsure whether or not planning permission will be granted and you want more detail in relation to what constraints there are within the site and what further additional information may be required, you can submit a request to us for a Pre-Application Discussion


Pre-application discussions are welcomed and encouraged and will take a different form depending on the type, scale and complexity of the proposed development.  The discussions will therefore vary from a simple discussion with a planning officer to a formal meeting for more complex proposals.  For the more complex proposals it may be necessary for you to submit as much information as possible of the proposed development to enable meaningful discussion to take place.


Matters that may be addressed at pre-application discussions include:

  • Planning history of the site
  • The development plan and other planning policies and guidance
  • General advise on completing the application form and what other supplementary information may be required
  • Advice on general procedures for processing of application


It is important to note that any pre-application advice given is on a without prejudice basis.  It does not comprise any formal decision by us and is not therefore legally binding.


You should be aware that information related to pre-application requests may be subject to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2002 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.  These provide for some exemptions from the need to disclose commercially sensitive information.  In cases where you consider that specific information is exempt under the Act or Regulations, you should provide the justification to us.

Submitting a Planning Application by E-mail

The Planning Office is accepting the submission of planning applications via email in PDF format.  The scale and paper sizes for all drawings must be clearly detailed.  The following guidance must be followed to ensure there is no delay in processing the validation of your application.

Please note that one hard copy of the application and documentation must also be submitted.

A member of staff will contact you if we require payment of fee correction to facilitate the validation of your application.  We may also ask for additional information including paper copies of documentation to assist in the processing of your application.


The purpose of this Guidance is to provide advice on how you can submit a planning application to Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council by email.  It is important that the steps set out in this guidance are followed to avoid undue delays to the processing of your application.

Applicants/Agents are encouraged to continue to submit planning applications and the requisite fee initially by post and submit application form, drawings and additional information electronically in PDF format clearly indicating scale and paper sizes for drawings.

How to submit a new planning application

Stage 1: Complete the appropriate form and save in PDF format and submit with all plans/drawings/supporting documentation 

Application forms are available to download via the Planning Forms tab on the Planning section of Council’s website and on the Planning Portal website .

Stage 2: Submit all plans and drawings following the guidance below.

Each file must be in PDF format and must be no larger than 10MB in size.

The following naming convention must be used to assist in the uploading of the documents:

Site Address_Plan Name_Existing/Proposed

For example: 66 Cloonavin Road Coleraine_Ground Floor Plans_Existing

Clearly identify on the plans the scale of the plan/drawing (e.g. 1:2500, 1:200 etc.), and size at which the original plan/drawing was produced (e.g. A2, A3 etc.)

Clearly label plans and drawings appropriately (e.g. site location plan, block plan, proposed floor plans etc.)

Clearly distinguish using different colour/washing existing floor space and proposed floor space to ensure the fee is calculated accurately.

Stage 3: Submit supporting documents in PDF format

Supporting documents such as Design and Access Statements, Supporting Statements, Biodiversity Checklists etc. must be submitted in PDF format to assist in their uploading to the Planning Portal.  Each file must be no larger than 10MB in size.  The following naming convention must be used:

Site Address_Document Name

e.g. 66 Cloonavin Road Coleraine_Biodiversity Checklist

Stage 4: Calculate the appropriate fee

You can pay the appropriate application fee via the methods detailed in the Planning Website under Method of Payment.  When paying by BACs, you must include the site address as a reference in your BACs transfer to ensure it is cross-referenced to the correct application for payment and validation of the application.

Stage 5: Applications that do not attract a flat rate fee

Details of the fee calculation must be submitted with the application.  All measurements must be in metric and calculated in accordance with The Planning (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2019 and any subsequent amendments to these Regulations.  Officers will validate the application based on the information submitted with the application.  If the fee is later found to be incorrect then the application will be made invalid until the correct fee payment has been received.

Stage 6: Submit your application by email

Submit your application by email to .  In the covering email detail the method of payment.  One hard copy of the application, including plans/drawings and additional documentation must also be submitted to the Planning office.

Note: A member of staff will contact you if we require payment of fee correction to facilitate the validation of your application.  We may also ask for additional information including paper copies of documentation to assist in the processing of your application.

How to submit amended plans and additional documentation by email

Amended plans and additional documentation may also be submitted by email.  When submitting these please use the naming convention detailed above and submit to detailing the planning reference number and site address in the subject bar of the email.  Please also submit one hard copy of the amended plans and additional documentation to the Planning Office.

A member of staff will contact you if we require further hard copies of the additional documentation.

Acknowledgement of your submission

You should receive an initial acknowledgement of receipt of your submission via email within 3 working days.  If you have not heard from us please contact or call 028 7034 7100.

Further Advice

If you require further advice on how to submit your application please email with details of your enquiry, name, address and contact telephone number or telephone 028 7034 7100.

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