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Pre-Engagement with NI Water prior to submitting your planning application

Frequently, when commenting on planning applications through the statutory consultation process, NI Water raise issues with the capacity of the sewerage network and in some instances, with the capacity of the receiving wastewater treatment works.  Resolution of these issues can take time which delays progression of planning applications.  The Council encourages developers to engage with NI Water at an early stage before submitting their planning application.  Such engagement is facilitated by NI Water through their Pre-Planning Process.  This includes their Pre-Development Enquiry process which offers a response within 28 days for a nominal fee.  If there are no constraints, NI Water can provide a positive response in support of the planning application.  If there are constraints, NI Water may request a wastewater impact assessment.  Details of their Pre-Planning Process are available at the following link: www.niwater.com/services-for-developers .  This pre-engagement with NI Water prior to submitting your formal planning application will assist in speeding up the consultation process with NI Water and therefore the processing of your planning application.