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The legislative basis for what constitutes a valid planning application is set out in The Planning (General Development Procedure) Order (Northern Ireland) 2015.  

A valid application should include:

  • The correct application form(s)
  • Completed Certificate of Ownership required under Article 9
  • The correct application fee
  • A site location plan
  • Detailed drawings and plans to adequately describe the proposed development
  • Where the application relates to a major category of development, a pre-application community report
  • An access statement or design and access statement as appropriate where requires under Article 6
  • 3 additional copies of application form(s), plans and drawings


Invalid applications will be returned to the Applicant or agent.


It is important to note that for planning applications for the major categories of development, a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) 2015 must be submitted to the Council as least 12 weeks before submitting the planning application.


Planning applications, including plans, drawings, consultation responses, supporting information, and letters of representation will be uploaded onto the Planning Portal and available for public view via Public Access.


 A weekly list of applications received will also be available to view and download from the Council website.


Therefore, elected members and members of the public will be able to see your personal information, such as your name and address.  We can, if you specifically ask at the start of your letter, cover your signature, email address and phone number.  However, your name and address have to be displayed.

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