Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 27 Jan 2021 Time: 10:30 AM


1.      Apologies

2.      Declarations of Interest

3.      Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held Wednesday 16 December 2020 (to follow)

4.      Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers

5.      Schedule of Applications:

5.1    LA01/2018/1106/F, Unit 17 and adjoining land Riverside Regional Centre, Castleroe Road, Coleraine (report attached)   (Addendum attached)

(legal opinion attached for confidential information only) (Additional Information Received (Stephens))    (Additional Information Received (Stephens))   (Additional Information Received (Tughans))    (Additional Information Received (Stephens))

5.2    LA01/2019/0182/F, 24m NE of 50/51 Kerr Street, Portrush (report attached) (Additional Information Received(Minford))      (Addendum attached) (   (Additional Information Received (Grossie))   (Additional Information Received (McDowell))   (    (Additional Information Received (Grossie)  (Additional Information Received (McMaw))

5.3    LA01/2020/0026/F, 12-19 The Promenade, Portstewart (report attached)

5.4    LA01/2019/1087/F, 6 Larkhill Road, Portstewart (report attached)   (Site Visit report attached)

5.5    LA01/2019/0363/F, Approx 400m north of 60 Gelvin Road, Dungiven (report attached)

5.6    LA01/2019/1181/O, Site adjacent to no. 293 Drumsurn Road, Drumsurn (report attached) (site visit report attached)

5.7    LA01/2019/1197/O, Site between 293 & 293B Drumsurn Road, Drumsurn (report attached) (site visit report attached)

5.8    LA01/2019/1300/O, Lands 30m West of 5 Presbytery Lane, Dunloy (report attached)

5.9    LA01/2018/0993/F, 9 Victoria Street, Ballymoney (report attached)

5.10  LA01/2018/0989/DCA, 9 Victoria Street (John Street Junction), Ballymoney (report attached)

5.11  LA01/2019/0420/F, 165m NE of 58 Movanagher Road, Kilrea (report attached)    (Site Visit report attached)

 6.    Development Management:

6.1 Update on Development Management and Enforcement Statistics – 01/04/20 – 30/11/2020 (report attached)

6.2    Correspondence from Claire Bailey MLA – PAC Decision – Baranailt Road, Limavady (report to follow)

6.3    Planning Monitoring Framework – Annual Report (report to follow)

7.      Development Plan:

7.1    Verbal Update

7.2    DFC Draft Information Guide For Councils - Listed Buildings (report attached)

8.      Correspondence:

8.1    ART 4 Direction at Giant’s Causeway World Heritage Site (attached)

8.2    Chief Planner’s Update 7 (attached)

8.3    CAA/DfT Circular on Control of Development in Airport Public Safety Zones Consultation and ICCAN consultation (attached)

8.4    DAERA Green Growth - Strategic Overview (attached)

8.5    DAERA – Impact of the end of EU Transition on the protection of designated nature conservation site in Northern Ireland (attached)

8.6    DAERA - Launch of Discussion Document on Environmental Plans, Principals, and Governance in Northern Ireland (attached)

8.7    DFC Confirmation of listing (HB02 03 034 A) Mill House & Byre (attached)

8.8    DFC Confirmation of listing (HB02 03 034 B) Dromore Mills Lower (attached)

8.9    DFC Confirmation of Listing (HB02 03 034 C) Dromore Mill (attached)

8.10  DFC Confirmation of listing (HB05 10 021) Fishermans House Carrick a Rede (attached)

8.11  Mid & East Antrim DC – Availability of dPS Reps (attached)

8.12  MUDC – dPS (Counter Reps) – Council’s Response (attached)

8.13  FODC – Submission to DFI and availability of submission documents (attached)

8.14  Northern Ireland Planning Conference 2021 (attached)

8.15  Correspondence from member of the public – Battery Energy Storage Systems (attached)

8.16  Together for Our Planet – Digital Toolkit (attached)


 9.      Confidential Items

9.1    Planning Department – Budget Period 1-8 Update (report attached)

10.    Any Other Relevant Business (in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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