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If you are visiting here from our Instagram account, here are some quick links to news shared in recent posts.  They may be on the left hand side or further below. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email business@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk  or WhatsApp 07564 047170


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Currently Open Programmes

Digital Surge Programme - learn about new digital technologies through innovation workshops and 'new tech' masterclasses

Causeway Alchemy - apply for general business mentoring today - ongoing intake

Digital Causeway - apply for digital marketing support today

Live Well Work Well - promoting healthlier places to work

Retail Strive and Thrive Programme - re-opening 2023

NI/UK Wide Programmes

Women in Innovation Awards - briefing session 18th August.  Awards open 22nd August.  £50K cash injection part of prize.

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Tourism Industry Training Needs Survey

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Discrete Superfast Reconsultation   on Project Stratum and eligble premises


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