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When a survey comes in, it tends to prompt groans and rolls of the eyes!

We promise you, this survey is quite different. 

•             There are NO financial questions. Let's get that out of the way for a start. 

•             It takes 7-8 minutes to complete (unless you wish to tell us more!)

•             It's anonymous.  We want your truth, not your diplomacy.

•             You could win an iPad for going to the bother.


What do we ask?

We ask about your business ambitions, pain points, training needs and opinions.

•             Have you had business support from one of our agencies?

•             What areas do you need training in? We can help!

•             Have you staff shortages? Tell us where!

•             Are you a member of a business organisation? If not, why not?

•             What events do you like? Classroom, conference room or chat-room?


Click HERE to Begin Survey


What's it all for?

We're planning our budgets and projects for the next 3 years and we want to use your feedback to help us provide the best business support programmes on the planet, with the support of our partners in both the public and private sectors.


Have we convinced you yet?

If so, please visit our survey link before the 30th June. 

If at the end of the survey, you felt it was just as boring as the next survey, please let us know by emailing .

What we can promise is, that boring as it may be, it will matter greatly to how we support you and your business in the future.


Keep in touch

If you would like to receive further information from our Business Support Team, why not sign up to receive our e-zine   

All the best for Summer 2018.  

Click HERE to Begin Survey