Growth Deal

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On 29 July 2019, the UK Prime Minister announced a new £300m capital Growth Deal fund for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It has since been revealed that £72m has been allocated to Causeway Coast and Glens council, after the NI Executive agreed to match fund the British Government's Growth Deal allocation. 

Council is actively working on developing a comprehensive programme of initiatives that will provide the greatest impact on the borough as a whole. 

Background to Growth Deals: 

  • Growth Deals provide funds to local enterprise partnerships or LEPs (partnerships between local authorities and businesses) for projects that benefit the local area and economy. 
  • Deals are an agreement which last for 15 years, therefore changes to political structures cannot be allowed to derail the process. 
  • Previous Growth Deals have provided funding for initiatives in the following areas: innovation; digital, employability & skills, energy, infrastructure, regeneration and tourism. 

Council has established a Growth Deal Sub-Committee who have the task of narrowing down proposals that will provide the optimum benefit for the borough.

During the initial proposal sift, Council would welcome any potential proposals from industry or the community sector that would complement Causeway Coast and Glens Growth Deal priorities. 

Next Stage: 

Council will shortlist the strongest proposals and Strategic Outline Cases will be produced for each one. 

Please check back regularly for updates on progress of our Growth Deal.