Abandoned Vehicles

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Council can deal with abandoned cars and vehicles

Council can deal with the sale of multiple vehicles on a street or road

If the Council is satisfied that a vehicle has been abandoned by its owner then it may take steps to ensure that vehicle is removed from the streets. Abandoned vehicles end up as targets for vandalism and arson and can become a danger to the public.

In order to consider a vehicle to be abandoned Council will look at

  • The state and condition of the vehicle – whether it is burnt out, vandalised, unusable

  • If the vehicle has legal Road Tax

  • The location of the vehicle and how long it has been left there

Any person who abandons a vehicle in a public place commits an offence.  Such a person may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice Fine for £200 or prosecuted (The maximum fine in Court for this offence is £5,000) 

Nuisance Vehicles

The term “Nuisance Vehicles” is used when a person is illegally using public space – for example roadside verges, streets, lay-bys - to sell two or more cars at a time. These cars must be within 500 metres of each other.

Such persons may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice fine of £100 or prosecuted (The Maximum fine in Court for this offence is £2,500)

For further assistance please contact:

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

Health and Built Environment
Environmental Services
Ballymoney Office
14 Charles Street
BT53 6DZ
Telephone 028 2766 0233
Email: environmentalhealth@causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk