Anti Poverty Stakeholder Steering Group

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Anti-Poverty Stakeholder Steering Group

Council facilitated the setting up of an Anti-Poverty Stakeholder Steering Group  in December 2020 which brings together community and voluntary organisations including established foodbanks, advice centres and charities, along with relevant statutory agencies, to ensure a collaborative and co-ordinated approach to supporting people who are experiencing financial difficulty in the borough. The Group has developed an action plan with a series of objectives and strategic actions to set the direction for their work. These have been shaped by the partner organisations and wider engagement through a series of focus groups and surveys. The Group  guided DfC funded Covid response initiatives in the borough and has delivered several initiatives including a ‘Where To Turn’ campaign to promote awareness of support services that are available for people who find themselves struggling financially, as well as a Wraparound Support Programme and Fuel Support Scheme.

Objective 1:  Increase the coordination between organisations working to support those most in need in Causeway Coast and Glens
Objective 2:  Support those on low incomes or those in financial crises in Causeway Coast and Glens to maximize their income and review their costs
Objective 3:  Improve the capacity of those that support those most in need
Objective 4:  Promote better information, signposting and communication
Objective 5: Work in partnership with others to tackle the causes of poverty


Members of the Anti-Poverty Stakeholder Steering Group :

  • Ballycastle Foodbank
  • Ballymoney Foodbank
  • BCRC Community Navigator for Older People
  • Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council (Community Development, Community Planning, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Resources &  Neighbourhood Renewal)
  • Causeway GP Federation Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) Social Work
  • CCG Labour Market Partnership
  • Coleraine Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership Chair
  • Community Advice Causeway
  • Department for Communities
  • Education Authority
  • Limavady Community Development Initiative (Roe Valley Community Foodbank & Limavady Social Supermarket)
  • Limavady Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) Social Work
  • Limavady Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership Chair
  • Northern Heath and Social Care Trust
  • Western Health and Social Care Trust
  • Public Health Agency
  • Salvation Army
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Vineyard Compassion (Causeway Foodbank & Reset Social Supermarket)

WHERE TO TURN information leaflet

Anti-Poverty Steering Group Action Plan 2022-23

Anti-Poverty Steering Group Action Plan 2021