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Community Development is about empowering people to work collectively to bring about social change in the communities in which we live or are a part of. The community development work we undertake in Council is driven by financial assistance from the Department for Communities through its Community Support Programme. Council's Community Development Strategy has been developed by engaging with and listening to a wide range of stakeholders to help us understand the needs and emerging issues in our communities and to shape the support we provide.Through our Community Development Strategy we aim to strengthen local communities, increase community participation and promote social inclusion. We do this by supporting community groups, community activity and local advice services. 


Community Development Grants

We offer the following grants to support community development activity:
Community Development Support Grant Programme provides financial assistance towards running costs of core community development organisations, with 3 levels of award ranging from £1,250 to £3,500.
Social Connections Grant Programme provides small grants to local community and voluntary organisations that are involved in activities that encourage people, particularly those that are socially isolated, to participate in social and recreational activities in our communities. Grants of £500 are available.
Community Festivals Fund provides funding to support the capacity of communities to host community festival events across Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council. A community festival is a series of events (or a single event with several elements) with a common theme and delivered within a defined time period. Three levels of grant award are available depending on the length of the festival and these range from £750 to £3,000.
For a full range of the grants that are provided by Council please click here

A Guide for the Planning & Organisation of Community Festivals, Tourism & Other Events.

We've produced an Event Management Guide aimed at assisting groups who are organising community festivals and other events.  The latest version, updated in April 2022, to take account of the latest legislation, includes practical information and advice on permissions, licences, food safety, marketing, dealing with the media, risk assessments (including Covid-19) and a whole range of other issues to ensure your event is well organised and managed.

 You can download the guide or contact us at if you'd prefer to receive a hard copy. 

Click here to download A Guide for the Planning & Organisation of Community Festivals, Tourism and Other Events.

Community Development Strategy 2020-23

A Guide for Planning and Organisation of Community Festivals, Tourism and other Events

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