Community Plan Rural Proofing Report - Document C, Section 3 & 4

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Section 3:
Consulting Has the consultation
response identified any potential
different impacts on terms of rural
The engagement process undertaken prior to development of the Community
                                                                            Plan identified a range of issues affecting the residents of Causeway Coast and
                                                                            Glens. Some of these issues such as access to public/sustainable transport
                                                                            networks, social isolation, access to services and facilities are more pronounced in
                                                                            rural areas. This informed the prioritisation of issues during the development of
                                                                            more specific strategic actions (Delivery Plan). Examples of which include but
                                                                            are limited to: Local Housing Need, Local Transport, Age Friendly Strategy,
                                                                            Loneliness Network, Anti-Poverty, collaborative working for Children and
                                                                            Young People and protection of natural heritage, led by DAERA. 

                                                                             Can you demonstrate how you have targeted and fully engaged with
                                                                             rural stakeholders during consultation? 

                                                                             Rural residents have been engaged through face-to-face meetings via our
                                                                             libraries, consultation drop-in sessions in rural and urban settings and
                                                                             public/ elected members questionnaire. 

                                                                             Can you identify rural responses by nature of their concerns and issues? 
                                                                             Individuals attending our libraries consultation drop-in sessions continue to
                                                                             highlight issues such as access to public/sustainable transport networks,
                                                                             social isolation, access to services and facilities and more so currently due
                                                                             to the current cost of living crisis.  


Section 4:
Monitoring and Outcomes                               Have you any rural specific indicators that have been set to monitor
                                                                            your policy implementation? 

                                                                            The indicators which have been set for the Community Plan are, in general,
                                                                             at a whole population level. 


                                                                            Will the outcomes of the policy meet your set objectives in rural areas? 
                                                                            Given the evidence driven approach which Causeway Coast and Glens
                                                                            Community Planning Partnership has taken, there is no reason to believe
                                                                            that the outcomes will be met to any less a degree in rural areas than in
                                                                            other parts of the Borough. As mentioned some of the actions contained
                                                                            with the Delivery Plan are likely to benefit rural communities and citizens. 
                                                                            Examples of which include but are limited to: Local Housing Need, Local
                                                                            Transport, Age Friendly Strategy, Loneliness Network, Anti-Poverty,
                                                                            collaborative working for Children and Young People and protection of
                                                                            natural heritage, led by DAERA. 

                                                                            Describe your process for effective impact evaluation on rural issues.
                                                                            The process for monitoring progress of the Community Plan and Delivery
                                                                            Plan is through quarterly reporting and updates by Delivery Plan action
                                                                            leads to the Community Planning Strategic Partnership via the
                                                                            outcomes-based approach.    Additionally, a Statement of Progress is
                                                                            produced every two years to assess progress. 


Appendix 1 – List of Population Outcomes and Intermediate Outcomes and Delivery Plan Actions 

Appendix 2 – List of Statutory Partners

Appendix 3 – Geographical area covered by Causeway Coast and Glens