Community Plan Rural Proofing Report - Document C, Section 2

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Section 2:
Evidence Are the predicted impacts
supported by evidence?                                   
When the Community Plan was first produced, baseline statistical information was
                                                                             produced to identify key issues for consideration in the Community Plan.  Based on
                                                                             this statistical evidence and information gathered following a range of Thematic
                                                                             Working Group meetings, Public meetings and other engagement processes, the
                                                                             first Community Plan contained an overarching ambition with three population
                                                                             outcomes, supported by twelve intermediate outcomes.  Associated indicators
                                                                              have been identified to achieve these outcomes. Full list of revised outcomes are
                                                                              contained in Appendix 1. 

                                                                              There is an appreciation in the Community Plan of the specific issues rural citizens
                                                                              experience including: 
                                                                              •    rural workers (91%) are also much more likely to use private transport to
                                                                                   commute than those from urban areas (74%) 
                                                                              •    Broadband speed and availability, though improving, is still much lower in
                                                                                    rural than in urban areas 
                                                                              •    Access to public transport in rural areas is much lower than that in towns and
                                                                                   cities - journey times to key services by car are on average twice as long for
                                                                                    rural dwellers
                                                                              •    Rural pensioners are nearly twice as likely to experience relative or absolute
                                                                                    poverty than their urban counterparts
                                                                                    (Key Rural Issues 2020, DAERA)

                                                                              Data was sourced Borough wide, and where available at DEA level to measure
                                                                              progress over the lifetime of the Community Plan. Progress against the outcomes
                                                                              in the Community Plan is reported every two years and the plan is required to be
                                                                              reviewed every four years. 

                                                                             The review of the Community Plan is a statutory requirement. The review was due
                                                                              to be completed by June 2021. An extensive plan of engagement and consultation
                                                                             due to commence in early in 2020 was not possible due to the pandemic, however,
                                                                             an Interim Review of the Community Plan was completed in May 2021. Between
                                                                             April and October 2022 an in-depth review of the Community Plan and Delivery
                                                                             Plan was undertaken.


                                                                            What types of evidence have you considered in your policy development
                                                                            (statistics/research/stakeholder advice)? 

                                                                            The Community Plan is based on a robust assessment of statistical evidence
                                                                            coupled with an extensive engagement process. The baseline statistical report
                                                                            has identified the main issues across the Borough and has recognised the
                                                                            need to interrogate this data further to identify where the priority need lies. 


                                                                            Are there any areas of uncertainty, where further evidence would be useful? 
                                                                            Additional information at a more localised level (such as ward or SOA) for some
                                                                            figures continues to remain a challenge. However, the current baseline and
                                                                            monitoring arrangements through the outcomes-based approach is sufficiently
                                                                            robust to direct the development of the three population outcomes and the twelve
                                                                            intermediate outcomes contained within the revised Community Plan and Delivery
                                                                            Plan and to inform the potential adaptation or prioritisation of actions. 


                                                                           Have you already put in place any design features as a result of the
                                                                           evidence considered? 

                                                                           The design process for Delivery Plan, including strategic actions, implementation
                                                                           process and monitoring arrangements action plans underpin the Community Plan
                                                                           and take account of the evidence in each DEA and where possible each SOA to
                                                                           enable strategic action and interventions to be directed to where they are most