World War II - Roll of Honour

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Below are the names of the Ballymoney people who died during World War II. They are taken from the War Memorial in Ballymoney and were collected from the various Memorials in churches and towns across the Borough. The names, along with those who died in WWI and the Korean conflict, were placed on the memorial in November 2000 thanks to the dedicated work of local historian Robert Thompson.

If you have further information on any of those listed, Ballymoney Museum would be most interested in hearing from you.

Adams, W.M.                         McBride, George
Beckett, Robert                      McCluskey, F.A.
Bellingham, William                McConnell, A. Leslie
Blair, H.P.                              McKinney, A. 
Boreland, Joseph Johnston     McKay, William
Boreland, Thomas                  McLaughlin, Alex
Boyle, Daniel                         McLaughlin, James
Brennan, Thomas                   McMaster, W.T.
Brown, Roy                            McNabb, S
Cairns, John                          McNabb, William
Caldwell, Arthur                      McNeilly, James
Christie, William James          McToal, Joseph
Cochrane, Kenneth                Milliken, Robert
Crawford, Harry J.                  Mills, Robert
Cromie, Robert S.                  Miskelly, Robert
Davidson, James                   Moore, R.
Douglas, William                    Morrison, William
Duncan, William                    Nesbitt, John William
Fleck, Emma                        Orr, Ronald M.
Fulton, Robert                       Patterson, Leonard J.
Gardiner, Annie Mary             Price, V.C.
Greene, John                        Rainey, R.
Herd, Samuel H.                    Ramsey, J.
Herd, Samuel J.                    Reid, Robert Alex
Holmes, Daniel                      Robinson, J.M.
Hutchinson, R.F.S.                Shirley, Alex
Jamieson, James Q.             Smilie, William
Johnston, William S.              Smyth, Robert John
Knox, Frank S.B.                  Taylor, James Hector
Lamont, Dan                         Twaddle, Norman
Maxwell, Ernest                    Tweed, R.
McAleese, Henry                  Widdowson, J.B.
McAteer, John G.                 Wilson, Samuel R.
.                                          Wright, A.