Remembering a Decade of Change and Violence 1912-1922

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As part of the Good Relations Programme, a number of educational sessions were held earlier in the year in association with the Junction.

Members of the local community were invited to participate in four workshops in January and February 2021, looking at specific events which took place between 1912-1922.

These events changed the course of history on the island of Ireland. From being a part of the British Empire, it changed to being divided into an independent state on the one hand and a devolved administration within the UK on the other. To understand the why and how, it is important to look at the preceding events.

The Junction's Ethical and Shared Remembering Project has been involved since the beginning of the Decade of Centenaries (2012) in exploring the history of that period with particular attention to these events.

  • The Home Rule debate and the Solemn Ulster Covenant.
  • The Great War (1914-1918) and its aftermath.
  • Nationalist insurrection: The Easter Rising 1916 and its aftermath.
  • Heroism and sacrifice. The Battle of the Somme (July 1916).

The 34 participants in the sessions were engaged in exploring the inherited historical narratives of the centenary events in a deeply respectful way, while engaging in an open and honest exploration of all that happened.

This helped to raise awareness of the significant historical anniversaries locally, nationally and internationally, providing an understanding for the diverse identities and cultures that exist within the Borough.

Some participants comments included:

“Thanks for this excellent course! We both enjoyed it so very much!”

“Thanks again, an excellent session, really inspiring me to read more about Irish History.”

“Many thanks for all your efforts with the Ethical and Shared Remembering Programme, we really enjoyed it”