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Online Booking for Courses and Schemes


Already registered previously for booking online sports courses and have your child(ren) grouped to your online account

Click here to login to your online account using your email and password.  Book your child(ren)'s course.


Already registered for online booking either on Website or App for leisure centre activities, but need to group your child(ren) to your online account

Sign into your online account.  Choose the option to Manage Family Members, for this you will need addtional information.

Click for the step guide on How to Create a Contact Group and Book a Course.


Already a member in one of our facilities but do not have an online account 

Next time you are in one of our leisure facilities, ask reception to make your account available for online booking.  You will need an active email address.



      We require the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Membership Number (if known)
  • Email address

Admistration process can take up to 24hrs (excluding bank holidays)


Not registered for online booking and do not have a member account

Follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Sign up for online registration and select a membership using this link 


Step 2: Choose the option to  Manage Family Members to add your child(ren).  

Terms, Conditions & Guidance for Sports Courses click here to view

To request additional information you can email 

Online Booking Membership - join with 5 simple steps

Create your own Group using Your Online Account and Booking a Course