What happens next if a PCN is not paid?

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If a PCN is neither paid or cancelled as a result of Challenge or Representation, or if a Statutory Declaration is not submitted, CPS will issue a 'Charge Certificate.' This action increases the initial PCN (£90) by a further 50% to £135 under the following circumstances:

  • The PCN remains unpaid,
  • An appeal to the traffic tribunal is not submitted,
  • A Statutory Declaration is not filed.

In the event of non-payment or the absence of a Statutory Declaration, the increased Penalty Charge may be recovered by CPS through various means. This could involve treating the outstanding amount as a civi debt, managed through the Enforcement of Judgements Office, or entail clamping and/or removal of your vehicle. The involved individual may also incur additional costs associated with the actions of the Penalty Processing Department.

A debt registered with the Enforcement of Judgement Office against your name could potentially impact your credit rating adversely in the future. Consequently, PCN recipients are urged to respond promptly to avoid such additional charges and complications.