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September 2016 

Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate in our Thematic Working Groups -   The response has been brilliant.

With the help of our community planning strategic partners we have gathered a range of supporting information under each of the themes below.

Download Supporting Information below

A Sustainable Environment Health & Social Wellbeing A Strong Economy

Comprehensive, key baseline information and statistics providing an overview of the Causeway Coat and Glens area are available at the link below:-

This includes evidence and data associated with:

Population and Growth


Causeway Coast and Glens Area Profile (Powerpoint)

Community Engagement Findings

Please feel free to contact our Community Planning Team with other relevant supporting information.

Tel 028 2766 0202



August 2016

Community Planning is all about agreeing on shared outcomes to help improve all aspects of life in the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area through partnership working with statutory agencies, business, voluntary and community organisations and local people.

The Community Plan will identify what we need to do to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of all citizens who use services within our Borough.

Over recent months many of you have given up your time to participate in community engagement and information gathering initiatives:–

  • participation in our Public Engagement events across all seven District Electoral Areas of the Borough
  • by submitting responses to our Community Planning Questionnaire
  • through attendance at local community and voluntary events and meetings
  • written correspondence to the Community Planning Team
  • and by meeting with the Community Planning Team individually and by telephone.

Some of the priority themes you raised with us:-


EMERGING THEMES – Access to Health services; Addressing health inequalities; Improving mental health; Holistic health & wellbeing for our communities; Fuel poverty; Food poverty; Active and creative citizens; Accessible play, recreation and sports facilities; Dementia friendly  environments; Community resilience; Community safety; Community policing; Road safety; Addressing social isolation / rural isolation; A welcoming community; Good Relations - respect for others; Strengthening the community & voluntary sector; Valuing volunteers; Community Cohesion; Connecting communities through networking and facilities; Maximising quality of life throughout the life course; Home based services for young families; Communities having a voice; Valuing young people; Connecting education to those who are vulnerable; Care and housing needs of the elderly;  Collaboration and partnership; Encouraging collective responsibility.

EMERGING THEMES –Maintaining a balance to protect/sustain our Environment whilst meeting community and commercial /agricultural needs; A clean environment; Addressing dereliction in towns and villages; Biodiversity; Planting schemes; Coastal/marine schemes; Managing/recycling waste; Protecting heritage; Improvements for Infrastructure – accessible and connected public transport-linked to services; Transport links urban and rural; Community transport; Road conditions; Parking facilities; Accessible outdoor public spaces; Opening up public greenways; Housing needs/social housing needs; Office accommodation requirements; Accessibility for disabled individuals; Addressing Energy needs by innovative means; Electricity inter-connectivity; Positive use of ‘planning powers’; Co-location approach to public services; Telecommunications; Mobile tel. networks; Faster reliable Broadband (rural). EMERGING THEMES–A desire for prosperity; Local Employment opportunities, skills training, sustainability, ‘good’ jobs; Investing in young people – a reason to stay; Skills for youth; Connecting Education (Schools/FE Colleges/Univ.) to employment; Access to educational opportunities; A knowledge economy; Connecting businesses and communities; Shared / integrated opportunities to learn; Use of natural assets to strengthen the local economy – tourism, leisure pursuits; Attracting longer term visitors; Visitor accommodation needs; Urban / rural disparities; Investment in existing and new businesses; Consideration of areas of need; Fostering enterprise; Supporting, mentoring existing businesses; Attracting new businesses and industries; Achieving a balance of ‘big’ industry with smaller enterprises; Support to employment – childcare, for those who are vulnerable, those with disabilities, social issues; Promotion of social enterprise.

We are currently matching information with our statutory partners and about to embark on the next stage of the Community Planning process - the formation of Thematic Working Groups across the three pillars and themes of:

  1. A Sustainable Environment;
  2. Health & Social Wellbeing; and
  3. A Strong Economy.

These groups will meet from September through to December 2016.

Many of you have signed up already – so thank you.

Further details on how to sign up for the workshops are available at:-

or contact Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Community Planning Team CCGBC Community Planning Team Tel: 028 2766 0202 / 0209

Public Communication/Engagement Meetings

In June 2016, CCGBC Community Planning Team held a number of public communication/engagement meetings throughout the borough.  These meetings were held in each of the District Electoral Areas and they provided a forum for  members of the public to be informed about community planning together with the opportunity to participate in the community planning process.

Analysis of the information gathered at the public engagement is currently underway and will assist in the development of the Community Plan

Thematic Working Groups 

The legislation and guidance on community planning refers to the three pillars of community planning as being the improvement of Social, Economic and Environmental wellbeing. 

The next stage in this process will be the formation of three Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) to support the development of the Community Plan under each of the three pillars mentioned above.

Please register your interest if you would like to be get involved in one of the Working Groups by contacting or by selecting the following quick link

If you wish to speak directly with the Community Planning Team please telephone 028 2766 0202 / 09.

Public Engagement Findings Report.

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