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Cultural Services has been established  in order to enhance the well-being of citizens, communities and visitors by providing participation in, access to and an understanding of Culture, Arts and Heritage.  This includes the provision of facilities in terms of both Arts Centres & local Museums, as well as a range of community based services and resources to both promote the cultural profile and build upon the culture, arts and heritage infrastructure of the area.

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council recognises the enormous cultural, artistic and heritage assets within its geographical area and has developed a five year Integrated Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategy to cover the period 2016-21. The strategy builds on the achievements of the four legacy council’s arts and museums services and was adopted by Council in May 2016.

The five key themes and aims in the strategy were derived from an extensive consultation process as well as research into the needs of the area and fit with the wider strategic context. They are as follows:

Theme 1: Enhancing our cultural venues & assets
Strategic Aim - To use our landscape and our cultural assets and activities to enable opportunities for both local people and visitors to participate in the culture, arts and heritage of the area.

Theme 2: Investing in creative learning & skills development
Strategic Aim -To support the creative development of our young people and our creative practitioners through training, skills development and providing opportunities to showcase work.

Theme 3: History, heritage and cultural tourism
Strategic Aim - To promote a sense of pride, identity and deeper understanding of our area by bringing together the many stories, histories, identities and languages. 

Theme 4: Participation, inclusion and equality
Strategic Aim - To ensure increased access to and participation in culture, arts and heritage to marginalised and excluded groups (including section 75 groups). 

Theme 5: Communication and advocacy
Strategic Aims- To engage effectively with a wide range of stakeholders to both increase participation in cultural activity and to strengthen the cultural infrastructure within the area.
To raise greater awareness of culture, arts and heritage within the Causeway Coast and Glens area.

The results of work will be:
1.    Our cultural life will reflect our world-class reputation as an area of natural beauty  
2.    Increased access to and participation in cultural activities and events
3.    Increased and appropriate partnerships will be in place
4.    Cultural assets maximised by working in partnership with increased levels of collaboration and sustainability.
5.    Culture, Arts and Heritage is a social and economic driver for the area and is recognised as such
6.    Strengthened cultural infrastructure
7.    Causeway Coast and Glens will be seen as a culturally vibrant area

CCGBC Cultural Strategy 2016-21

CCGBC Cultural Strategy Executive Summary