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Public Toilet Information

All public toilets will be closed on Christmas Day.  Open as normal at all other times.

Downhill disabled toilet ONLY, open from 4th December 2023 all year round (access via RADAR key).  

Portballintrae harbour toilets will reopen on 17th March 2024.

The location of toilet facilities can be viewed on the interactive map.  Facility opening times can be found below also.  If you have any queries regarding council toilet facilities please contact us 

RADAR keys for accessible toilets

For many people with a disability the availability of accessible public toilets is essential, to support every day activities.  Local authorities are tasked with providing public toilets throughout the UK.  The provision of public toilets also includes the maintenance of the buildings and their cleanliness.  Sadly in carrying out this function councils encounter vandalism on a daily basis.  This disrupts the service and the availability of public toilets to those who need them most.  In order to prevent vandalism and misuse of accessible public toilets many local authorities including ourselves have adopted the National Key Scheme (N.K.S.).

The local authority or organisation ensures keys are available to individuals with a disability who may wish to use these toilets.  The National Key Scheme (N.K.S.) is recognised through the UK and Europe.

Such keys may be purchased from Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council at a cost of £5 (including postage)

Please contact Reception:-

  • Coleraine Office, Cloonavin, 66 Portstewart Road, Coleraine BT52 1EY Tel: 028 7034 7034
  • Ballymoney Office, Riada House, 14 Charles Street, Ballymoney BT53 6DZ Tel: 028 2766 0200
  • Limavady Office, 7 Connell Street, Limavady BT49 0HA Tel: 028 7772 2226
  • Ballycastle Office, 7 Mary St, Ballycastle BT54 6QH Tel: 028 2076 2225

Alternatively you can also contact:

R.A.D.A.R, 12 City Forum, London, EV1V 8AS Tel: 020 7250 3222

Locate Public Toilets in Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council

(Click on a Public Toilet icon for more details).

Town/VillageLocationAddressDisabled Toilet with Radar LockSummer Opening HoursWinter Opening Hours
ArmoyTilly Molloy Building18 Main Street, BT53 8RQYApr-Sept 09:00-20:30Oct-Mar 09:00-17:30
BallintoyHarbour Car Park56 Harbour Road, BT54 6NAY24 hrs24 hrs
Ballintoy10 Main Street, BT54 6LXY (no Radar lock)Apr-Sept 09:00-20:30Oct-Mar 09:00-17:30
BallycastleHarbour Car Park18 Bayview Road, BT54 6BTYApr-Sept 09:00-20:30Oct-Mar 09:00-16:00
BallycastleBus Stop 20p charge)3 Market Street, BT54 6DPY24 hrs24 hrs
BallycastleTennis Courts4a Mary Street, BT54 6QHYApr-Sept 09:00-20:30Oct-Mar 09:00-16:00
BallycastleMarina Car Park (20p charge)North Street, BT54 6BTY24 hrs24 hrs
BallycastleSports ComplexQuay Road, BT54 6BJYApr-Sept 09:00-20:30Oct-Mar 09:00-16:00
BallycastleKinbane Castle Car ParkWhitepark Road, BT54 6LPY (no Radar lock)24 hrs Closed Nov-March
BallykellyCar ParkMain Street, BT49 9JSYMon-Sun 08:00-16:00Mon-Sun 08:00-16:00
Ballymoney Riverside Park, Car ParkArmour Ave, BT53 7AGYApr-Sept 09:00-21:00Oct-Mar 09:00-17:00
BallymoneyCar ParkCastle Street, BT53 6JTY09:00-18:0009:00-18:00
BallymoneyMegaw Park Car ParkColeraine Road, BT53 6BPYApr-Sept 09:00-21:00Oct- Mar 09:00-17:00
BallymoneyBeside Town HallTownhead Street, BT53 6EBY09:00-18:0009:00-18:00
BushmillsDundarave Car ParkMain Street, BT57 8QAYApr-Sept 09:00-20:30Oct-Mar 09:00-17:30
CastlerockBeach EntranceThe Promenade, BT51 4RFYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
CloughmillsMain Street, BT44 9LFY09:00-18:0009:00-18:00
ColeraineTown CentrePark Street, BT52 1BDYMon-Sat 08:00-18:00, Sun 08:00-18:00 Mon-Sat 08:00-18:00, Sun 08:00-18:00
ColeraineLong Commons Car ParkSociety Street, BT52 1EGYMar-Sept 08:00-18:00Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
ColeraineBeside River BannStrand Road, BT51 3ABYMon-Sat 08:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-18:00Mon-Sat 08:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-18:00
CushendallBeach Layby (beside Church)Shore Road (Legg Green) BT44 0NGYApril-Oct 09:00-20:30Closed Nov-Mar
CushendallCottage Wood (20p charge)21 High Street, BT44 0NBY24 hrs24 hrs
CushendallCar ParkMill Street, BT44 0RRYApr-Sept 09:00-20:30Oct-Mar 09:00-17:30
CushendunCar ParkGlendun Road, BT44 0PXYApr-Sept 09:00-20:30Oct-Mar 09:00-17:30
DownhillCar ParkMussenden Road, BT51 4RPY open from 4th Dec all year roundemberMar-Sept 08:00-18:00Oct-Feb Closed
DungivenMain Street, BT47 4LDYMon-Sat 08:00-16:00Mon-Sat 08:00-16:00
DunseverickHarbour Car Park204 Causeway Road, BT57 8SYY24 hrs24 hrs
GarvaghCar ParkBridge Street, BT51 5AFYMar-Sept 08:00-18:00Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
KilreaGarvagh Road, BT51 5QLYMar-Sept 08:00-18:00Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
LimavadyCatherine Street, BT49 9BDYMon-Sat 08:00-16:00Mon-Sat 08:00-16:00
LimavadyTown CentreMain Street, BT49 0EXY (no Radar lock)Mon-Sat 08:00-16:00Mon-Sat 08:00-16:00
LimavadyBenone BeachSeacoast Road BT49 0LQYApr-June 09:00-18:30 July-Sept 09:00-19:00Oct 09:00-17:00 Nov-Feb 09:00-15:30 Mar 09:00-16:30
PortballintraeBeach Car ParkBeach Road, BT57 8RTYMar 08:00-17:00. April-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
PortballintraeHarbour Car ParkBeach Road, BT57 8RTYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb Closed
PortrushEast Strand Car ParkCauseway Street, BT56 8ADYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
PortrushCar Park (Changing Place facility)Dunluce Ave, BT56 8DWYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
PortrushWhiterocks Car ParkDunluce Road, BT56 8NAYMar-Sept 08:00-19:00Oct-Feb 08:00-17:00
PortrushHarbour, entrance to South PierKerr Street, BT56 8DGYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
PortrushHarbour North PierHarbour Road, BT56 8DFYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
PortrushWest Bay Car ParkPortstewart Road, BT56 8DYYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
PortrushLandsdowne Car Park Ramore Ave, BT56 8BBNo disabled toiletsMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
PortstewartFlowerfield (Changing Place facility)Coleraine Road, BT55 7HUYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
PortstewartHarbour Road, BT55 7GFYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
PortstewartThe Crescent, BT55 7AGYMar-Sept 08:00-21:30Oct-Feb 08:00-18:00
RasharkinBridge Street, BT44 8QAY09:00-18:0009:00-18:00
Rathlin IslandChurch Bay, BT54 6RTY24 hrs24 hrs
WaterfootBeach Car ParkMain Street, BT44 0QSYApr-Sept 09:00-20:30Oct-Mar 09:00-17:30