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Revaluation of non-domestic rates

Land & Property Services (LPS) is revaluing all non-domestic properties in Northern Ireland for rates. A new Valuation List will come in to effect on 1 April 2020 based on rental values as at 1 April 2018.

More information is available at www.finance-ni.gov.uk/reval-2020-ni

What rates pay for?

Rates fund public services in Northern Ireland, both regional and local. Your rate bill includes the regional rate and the district rate.

Regional rate

The Northern Ireland Executive sets the regional rate annually.  The rate applies in each council area in Northern Ireland. This pays for services including:

  • education
  • emergency 
  • hospitals
  • law and order
  • roads
  • social services and community development

All ratepayers contribute towards public services. There is no specific amount linked to availability or usage of any particular public service.

District rate

Each council sets an annual district rate for their area in Northern Ireland. This pays for local services including:

  • arts, events and recreation
  • building control
  • leisure/community centres
  • environmental health
  • tourism
  • waste management