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Please find below information on the various programmes operating under each outlined theme contained in the Causeway Coast and Glens PEACE IV Local Action Plan.

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The Children and Young People theme incorporates three programmes including Good Relations Out of Schools, Developing Our Young Leaders and Leadership for Youth Practitioners.

This theme aims to enhance the capacity of children and young people to form positive and effective relationships with others of a difference background and contribute to a cohesive society.


Good Relations Out of Schools Programme 

A Council-Led Programme aims to recruit 650 Children and Young People from across the borough to engage in after-schools programmes in Arts and Sports to foster good relations on a cross-community basis.


Developing Our Young Leaders Programme

Externally delivered by Copius Consulting, this Programme aims to recruit 300 Children and Young People onto a “leadership” engaging the participants in leadership skills and capacity-building within their local communities.


Leadership for Youth Practitioners

The second of LCDI’s Programmes, this externally delivered Programme aims to recruit 40 Youth Leaders to participate in a programme developing and building the capacity and opportunities for Youth Leaders to facilitate their own workshops in their communities. 


Building Positive Relations incorporates five programmes including Understanding Our Area, Developing Communities: Leadership and Capacity, Cultural/Language Institutions Programme, Community Integration Programme and Key Institutions Programme.

Under this theme, the various programmes aim to promote positive relations and cultivate respect for cultural diversity, creating a community where people can live, learn and socialise together, free from prejudice, hate and intolerance. 


Understanding Our Area

A Council-Led, heritage-based Programme that aims to recruit over 30 community groups with up to 750 participants to support and develop local history and heritage projects.


Developing Communities: Leadership and Capacity 

An Externally delivered Programme by Causeway Rural and Urban Network (CRUN) aiming to recruit 14 target areas and 63 participants for a facilitative leadership and capacity-building programme.


Cultural/Language Institutions Programme 

Aims to recruit 150 participants to engage in a programme focusing on the culture and traditions of the two language communities; Irish & Ulster-Scots. This Programme is being externally delivered by Limavady Community Development Initiative (LCDI). 


Community Integration Programme 

Aims to recruit 150 participants on to an inclusive programme looking at the “other” communities that live in the Council area, analysing their experiences and looking at the concept of integration from a local and European perspective. This Programme is being externally delivered by Building Community Resource Centre (BCRC).


Key Institutions Programme ​

The second Programme to be delivered by Building Community Resource Centre (BCRC). aims to recruit 200 participants on to an educational and interactive programme involving the main Institutions such as the GAA/Orange Order and local bands on cross-community basis.

The Shared Spaces and Services programmes aim to create a cohesive society through increased provision of shared spaces and services. 

There are two programmes under this theme including Sharing Your Community Space and Shaping Our Place. 


Shaping Your Community Space Programme

A Council-Led and managed Programme targeting 30 Community facilities to allow up to 200 participants and communities to avail of funding for capital works and dialogue sessions designed to improve shared spaces.


Shaping Your Place Programme 

Aims to fund 8 target areas, recruiting up to 200 participants to engage in dialogue sessions and a re-imaging project focussed on transforming contested areas into shared community spaces. This Programme is also Council-Led.

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