Carbon monoxide is produced by combustion - this includes heating boilers, gas and open fires

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Carbon monoxide is a gas that is produced when coal, oil, gas or wood is burned. High levels of carbon monoxide can be deadly. Signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, muscle pain and nausea. Anyone who suspects they have carbon monoxide poisoning should leave the property immediately and seek medical assistance.

You cannot smell, see or taste this gas and Council would encourage any home or caravan owners to be aware of the dangers of this gas and to purchase and install carbon monoxide detector alarms.

Carbon monoxide alarms can be purchased at most DIY stores and should bear either a British Standards Kitemark BS EN 50291 or a CE mark declaration of safety. Alarms can be battery powered or mains fitted. The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed in relation to the positioning of these alarms. They should be tested regularly and replaced as necessary


The following steps will help prevent problems with carbon monoxide:

  • Make sure all rooms in your home are well ventilated

  • Ensure all chimneys and flues are cleaned and clear of obstruction

  • Ensure all heating/cooking appliances are installed, maintained and serviced by a competent person. Any gas appliances should be serviced by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

  • Investigate any evidence of sooting on top of or around heating/cooking appliances.

  • Gas flames should be a blue colour and any orange or yellow flaming should be investigated

The installation of a new heating system, appliances and flues may be subject to Building Control regulations

Carbon monoxide and Barbeques

There have been several deaths recently due to carbon monoxide poisoning from barbeques. Barbeques present no risk when used outdoors but can be dangerous when taken inside a tent or caravan, for example, where carbon monoxide gas can build up. Never light, use or keep a smouldering barbeque inside an enclosed space like a tent.


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