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1,500 people died as a result of Home Accidents between 2001 - 2013 in Northern Ireland representing a quarter of NI deaths.   Falls are the major cause of deaths accounting for just under half of the fatalities (480).

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Many assume that road and farm accidents are our biggest cause of accidents.  However recent statistics reveal the home is the biggest cause of problems, between 2009 - 2013, 526 died as a result of a home accident, 333 on the road and 41 on farms.  All are tragic, but many are preventable.

On average 17,000 people are admitted to our hospitals following a home accident and countless more attend A&E Departments and GP practices.

Although falls are the most common accident cause, other hazards include, poisoning, fire and smoke inhalation, strangulation (example by blind cords) drowning and choking.

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Home Safety Officers encourage everyone to look around their home and check for potential areas of danger.  Some simple tips as suggested could make all the difference.

If you are over 65 you may book a home safety check.  The checks offer tips on all aspects of home safety, are free of charge and take approximately 45 minutes.  If you have children under the age of 5 years old, a health professional/or a Council Home Safety Officer will carry out a home safety check by arrangement.

Our advisors will identify the potential risks in your home, arrange for safety equipment to be delivered to your home if appropriate and refer you for a free smoke alarm.

If you are interested in additional information or wishing to book a home safety check, please contact us at:

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council
Health and Built Environment
Environmental Services
Ballymoney Office
14 Charles Street
BT53 6DZ

Telephone: 028 2766 0257