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The Building Control Department is there to offer you professional help and impartial advice on your project and to answer any queries you may have on regulatory issues.  There are works that are exempt from requiring an application. We can provide confirmation of exemption from the Building Regulations if a request is received in writing together with a fee of £30.00.

Some examples are:

  • certain porches, conservatories, open carports or covered areas being extensions not exceeding 5m2 for a porch or 30m2 for a conservatory
  • certain detached garages and single storey buildings not exceeding 30m2 in area
  • certain sheds not exceeding 15m2 in area
  • certain agricultural buildings; fences, garden walls, gates
  • certain greenhouses; replacement windows; replacement boilers and fireplaces; replacement sanitary fittings and drainage
  • certain buildings, used for the purpose of agriculture and for keeping animals
  • certain temporary buildings, which is not intended to remain where it is erected for more than 28 days

Before proceeding with any work, you should seek the advice of your local Building Control Office.

The provision of a central heating boiler in an exempt garage is subject to the Building Regulations and will require an application. Remember to check if planning permission is required even when no application is required under the Building Regulations.




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