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The Property Certificate function plays a vital role in the conveyancing of property. The Building Regulations specify minimum standards covering health, safety and welfare for all buildings, be they public, private or commercial. The Property Certificate service enables prospective purchasers to find out if there are any breaches of statutory requirements in the property and if Council have taken, or intend to take, legal action regarding them. The Property Certificate is generally requested by the solicitor acting on behalf of the purchaser although the purchaser may do this on their own behalf.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Solicitor / purchaser applies for Property Certificate on a standard form in duplicate, enclosing two copies of a location map with the location of the property clearly outlined in red and the correct fee
  • The Council will process the application and return a completed certificate
  • If amplification is required of any information given, or information outside the 10-year timespan required, a repeat certificate must be requested and an additional fee paid

The Property Certificate will include the following details in relation to the property held on file over the past 10 years:

  • Any Building Regulation applications accepted
  • Any known breach of Building Regulations
  • Any proceedings anticipated or outstanding re Building Regulations
  • Any relaxation's granted
  • Confirmation of correct address
  • Environmental Health matters (e.g. smoke control orders)

In the 1995 Property Certificate function was reviewed in an attempt to standardise throughout the Province.

It was agreed with the Law Society that:

  • Separate certificates would be sought for each individual building or parcel of land and that all enquiries would be made through the property certificate route on the agreed format
  • The information provided would be from records held, i.e. no site inspection would be carried out
  • The process is currently under review

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