Bogs of Ballymoney Booklet 2014

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Peatlands or bogs are an ancient landscape, up to 10,000 years old, and are a characteristic part of the Irish landscape due to the islands cold, wet climate. In Northern Ireland (NI) and the Republic of Ireland there are three different types of bog; lowland raised bogs, blanket bog and lowland fens.

NI contains a significant proportion of the remaining bog resource in Europe and therefore the importance of these bogs cannot be over-emphasised.

Ballymoney has an internationally important peatland resource of both lowland raised bogs such as Garry Bog and blanket bog such as Slievanorra and Croaghan. Our bogs have a unique range of plants and animals that use them from insect eating plants like sundew to birds of prey like hen harriers.

This booklet gives an introduction to the bogs of Ballymoney area and highlights the two sites which have public access that lets you experience this rich biodiversity. Use this booklet as a starting point to dip your toes into Ballymoney’s bog land biodiversity.

This guide will introduce you to the fantastic bog land resource that exists within the Ballymoney area, highlighting the areas where you can experience this first hand and the species you might see there.

You can download a copy or get a copy from the Council or the Ballymoney Tourist Information Centre.

Bogs of Ballymoney Booklet 2014