Purchase of bins, food caddy, wheels and axles

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To purchase a new bin please click here

To purchase a new bin, pair of wheels or axle over the phone, please click here

Bin size (litre)Price (x1)* Price (x2)*Price (x3)
240 (standard household bin)£35£60£90
140£30 £50£75

* Discounted rate for two bins only applies when purchasing a recycling (blue, brown) bin along with a black bin.

Should you wish to purchase a brown bin and kitchen caddy this will be charged at the standard rate for a 240 litre bin. Kitchen 5 litre food caddy only is £2.00.  A full set of household bins (blue x1, brown x1, black x1) is £90.00.

Parts Prices are for collected parts at local depots
Axle for 120 or 240 litre bin£5
Pair of wheels for 120 or 240 litre bin£7