Shadow Council

Date: Thursday, 26 Mar 2015 Time: 7:00 PM


1.    Apologies
2.    Declarations of Interest
3.    Minutes of Shadow Council Meeting held 26th February 2015 (copy attached)
4.    Minutes of Organisation Development Committee 
4.1  Meeting held 19th February 2015 (copy attached)
4.2  Meeting held 12th March 2015 (copy attached)
5.    Minutes of Corporate Policy & Resources Committee Meeting 5th March 2015 (copy attached)
5.1  Credit Cards (CP&R1501305.8.2) 
       Addendum: Recommend that Chief Executive is removed from list of officers and amend Director of Performance
       limit to £5000.
6.    Minutes of Transferring Functions & Group Committee Meeting 11th March 2015 (copy attached)
7.    Minutes of Governance Committee Meeting held 18th March (copy attached)
8.    Special Responsibility Allowances (report attached)
9.    Assignment of Taxation Claims (report attached)
10.  Pension Apportionment Agreement (report attached)
11.  Financial Arrangements (report attached)
12.  Grant Assistance requests (report attached)
       **recommended for confidential consideration**
13.  Consultations (report attached)
14.  Correspondence (report attached
15.  Notice of Motion received from Councillor M Fielding of which due notice was given.
       'Propose that the New Council retains the practice of opening the Council Meeting in Prayer which existed in the
       Council Chamber under Coleraine Borough Council.'
       Prayer read at Coleraine Borough Council and proposed to be read in New Council.
       Almighty and most merciful Father,
       We humbly pray thee so to guide us in
       our deliberations for this Borough and its 
       Inhabitants, that we may have a right
       Judgement in all things and may have
       grace to shape our decisions according
       to thy Holy will.

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