Planning Committee

Date: Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021 Time: 10:30 AM


1.      Apologies

2.      Declarations of Interest

3.      Minutes of Planning Committee meeting held Wednesday 24 February 2021 (attached)

4.      Order of Items and Confirmation of Registered Speakers

5.      Schedule of Applications:

5.1            LA01/2019/0891/F, Castlerock Golf Club, 65 Circular Road,Castlerock (report attached)   (Addendum attached)

5.2            LA01/2019/0758/F, Lands at Clare Park approx. 40m North of 62 Clare Road, Ballycastle (report attached)  (Addendum attached)   (Erratum attached)           

5.3            LA01/2020/1164/F, Site at the Corner of St Paul’s Road Fairview Park, Articlave (report attached)   (Addendum attached)

5.4            LA01/2017/0539/F, Lands at Curran Strand, Portrush (report attached) (Additional Information Received Clyde Shanks 1)  (Additional Information Received Clyde Shanks 2)  (Additional Information Received Clyde Shanks 3)  (Addendum attached)     (Additional Information Received (DAERA)

5.5            LA01/2020/0896/O, 4 Larkhill Road, Portstewart (report attached)

5.6            LA01/2019/0903/O, 55 Strand Road, Portstewart (report attached) (Additional Information Received M Bradley MLA)            (Additional Information Received Cllr Bateson)   (   (Site Visit report attached) (Addendum attached) (Additional Information Received Cllr McCaw)  

5.7            LA01/2019/0850/F, Lands adjacent to Willowfield Drive, Coleraine (report attached)  (Site Visit report attached)

5.8           LA01/2019/0430/F, Rock House, 7 Rock Drive, Coleraine (report attached)

5.9            LA01/2020/0467/F, South of and adjacent to 11 Sunvale Park, Greysteel (report attached)  (Site Visit report attached) (Additional Information received attached (Agent))

5.10          LA01/2019/0183/O, 12m East of 4 Larch Road, Ballyharigan, Dungiven (report attached)  (Additional Information Received (Gourley) )

6.    Development Management:

 6.1 Update on Development Management and Enforcement Statistics – 01/04/20 – 31/01/2021 (report attached)

6.2    Planning Applications Checklist (report attached)

7.      Development Plan:

7.1    Verbal Update

7.2    LDP 2035 – Revised Timetable (report attached)

 8.      Correspondence for Information

8.1    Baranailt Residents Group V PAC – PAP Response (copy attached)

8.2    DfC Publication – Listed Buildings – Common Myths & Queries (copy attached)

8.3    DfI – Call for Evidence – Review of the Implementation of the Planning Act 2011 (copy attached)


9.      Confidential Items

9.1    Planning Department – Budget Period 1-10 Update (report attached)

10.    Any Other Relevant Business (in accordance with Standing Order 12 (o))

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