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General Information:   Policy / Procedure 

Is this an existing, revised or a new function, service, policy, procedure, project, strategy, plan or guidance?   New

Operational Area:  Council Wide

Title:  Equality Action Plan


Brief Summary:

In line with the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland recommendations Council undertakes an audit of inequalities on a five-yearly basis. 

This Action Plan has been developed following a cross cutting audit of the impact of the Causeway Coast and Glens Council work on the nine equality group categories. 
The approach has led us to appreciate the diversity of approaches across the council services to meet the needs of different equality groups. 

What is it trying to achieve? (intended aims and outcomes)

The action plan addresses the need for council to create a corporate approach to equality and diversity issues across all business planning areas.

The actions within the Equality Action Plan aims to mitigate or remove barriers noted in the audit to ultimately improve both service provision and the quality of life for our citizens and visitors.  


Who owns and who implements each element of the function, service, policy, procedure, project, strategy, plan or guidance?

This is an organisation wide policy for both staff and service users.

Senior Leadership Team - overall coordination.
Heads of Service - implementation in the specified areas and achievement of actions.
Head of Policy and Community Planning / Policy Section – review and monitoring of actions.


Other policies etc. which have a bearing on this function, service, policy, procedure, project, strategy, plan or guidance?

Northern Ireland Act 1998 (Section 75)

Equality Scheme (renewed 2020)
Good Relations Audit and Strategy 2023
Every Customer Counts Policy
Local Government Code of Conduct
“Together building a United Community” Strategy May 2013
Complaints Policy
Economic Development Strategy
Corporate Strategy 2020-2024
Corporate Business Plans 2023
Age Friendly Causeway Strategy and Acton Plan 2024-29

Studies, Publications, Statistics and Guidance:
The Executive Office, Racial Equality Strategy 2015-25
The Equality Commission NI, Key Inequalities in Employment 2018
Northern Ireland Assembly, Multiple Deprivation in Northern Ireland, Research Paper 2018
Carers UK, Will I Care? 2019
The Equality Commission NI, A Welcoming and Inclusive Workplace 2020
NI Life and Times Survey 2021
Carers UK, The State of Caring in Northern Ireland 2021
Trends in Domestic Abuse incidents and crimes recorded by the PSNI 2020/21
Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency – Census 2021 
RNIB, Manifesto for the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections 2022
Department for Communities, Disability within the Northern Ireland Labour Market 2022
CIPD Resourcing and talent planning survey 2022
A commitment to Carers 2022
Causeway CYPSP Locality Planning Group Young People’s Mental Health Survey 2022/23
J District Hate Crime Statistics 2023
Disability Action, Disabled Peoples Election Manifesto 2023

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