Screening Reports October to December 2020

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Section 75 Equality and Good Relations

Consultation on Screening of Policies October to December 2020

Name of PolicyAim/Purpose of PolicyNew or Revised PolicyDate of ScreeningRecommendation
Domestic Violence & Abuse PolicyThe aim of the policy is to make the workplace a safe and supportive environment for all employees of the Council who are affected by domestic violence and abuse. The objectives of the policy are to set out how the Council will: • offer support to our employees in addressing problems arising from domestic violence and abuse sympathetically and in confidence (as far as possible); • maximise the safety of our employees in the workplace; • signpost employees to external support agencies who can carry on support beyond the workplace; • Deal effectively with perpetrators of domestic violence and abuse among our workforce, as appropriate and to challenge behaviors and attitudes through our awareness raising campaigns.New DPIA9 October 2020 and 29 October 2020Screened out without mitigation
Mediation PolicyMediation is a confidential, voluntary, informal process by which an impartial, trained mediator or mediators assist two or more colleagues to try to resolve a workplace dispute. They do so by using a range of mediation techniques in a facilitated and structured way that aims to enable colleagues to work through their issues and towards an agreement / solution that is satisfactory to both / all parties. Unlike the formal grievance / dignity at work procedures, the outcome of mediation will not be a decision as to whether a complaint should be upheld or not upheld. The focus of mediation is on reaching a level of agreement unique to the circumstances that gave rise to the workplace dispute in the first place, that enables colleagues to address constructively with each other what has brought them to mediation, but also to discuss and agree how colleagues will work differently with each other in the future.New DPIA9 October 2020 and 29 October 2020Screened out without mitigation
Flexible Working Policy The general principle of the policy is enable eligible employees to make an application for flexible and agile working. The right to apply for flexible working is designed to meet the needs of both employees and employers. The Policy aims to facilitate discussion and encourage both the employee and the employer to consider flexible working patterns and to find a solution that suits them both. The employee has a responsibility to think carefully about their desired working pattern when making an application, and the Council is required to follow a specific procedure to ensure requests are carefully considered.New DPIA9 October 2020 and 29 October 2020Screened out without mitigation
Limavady Accessible Play ParkAll children have the right to access appropriate play opportunities and a fundamental aspect of the play investment strategy will be working to ensure that that fixed play areas offer play opportunities for children of all abilities. Accessible and inclusive play means more than simply providing children and families with physical access to play areas and equipment. In order to be truly inclusive a play area must offer a wide range of high quality physical, creative and social play opportunities for children regardless of their needs and abilities. The benefits of accessible play areas are well established for children of all abilities: Inclusive play areas have been shown to be more fun: Due to the more creative approach applied to the design of accessible and inclusive play equipment they often offer a greater level of variety, higher level of play value and are more engaging for children and young people in the longer-term; Inclusive play areas support inclusive communities: Accessible play areas do not segregate children based on ability; rather they encourage children of all abilities to come together through play, supporting the development of mutual understanding, friendships and a sense of community; and Inclusive play areas encourage creativity: Inclusive and accessible play areas encourage children to play creatively as they include elements that engage with a wider range of senses and involve equipment that can be used in different ways by different users. Whilst dedicated accessible play provision has been developed at the Flowerfield site in Portstewart and inclusive play features have been incorporated into a number of play areas across the Borough, children with disabilities still face significant barriers in accessing play opportunities. The objectives of the project as per the approved OBC are as follows: To develop a fully accessible play park that achieves the highest standard of ‘Play Value’ as independently audited by Playboard NI (play value of 600-800) and meets the standard set by Flowerfield Diversity Park (play value of 675); To actively promote general usage of play park and achieve a target of 75,000 users per year and ensure that target groups, including children with special educational needs, utilise the facility on a regular basis; As a result of the above to record and improve participation and satisfaction levels through an annual user survey, therefore maximising the health and wellbeing benefits of play and physical activity within the local community; and To ensure that the capital project is well managed and delivered on time, to budget and high quality standards.New DPIA and RNA Screening6 November 2020 and 10 November 2020Screened out with mitigation
Coleraine Bomb MemorialThe memorial aims to remember the lives of those who died as a result of a car bomb in Railway Road, Coleraine. The outcome is to identify family, constituent’s, business, victims and survivors group views and identification of options for a permanent memorial.New DPIA and RNA Screening5 November 2020Screened out with mitigation

Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy

Mediation Policy

Flexible Working Policy

 Limavady Accessible Play Park

Coleraine Bomb Memorial

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