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Draft Equality Action Plan 2023 - 2027 Cover

Draft Equality Action Plan 2023 - 2027


A paper with text and a check box

This Action Plan says what we will do in the next 5 years to improve our services and area.


A person in police uniform

This includes people who:

• are different ages

• have different religious beliefs

• have different politics

• are married, divorced or single

• fancy and love different people

• are from different countries, speak different languages or look different​

• are men or women

• do and do not have disabilities

• do and do not care for others.

The above points are Section 75 groups in rules which everyone has to follow called the Northern Ireland Act.


A group of people looking at a magnifying glass

Actions in this plan come out of feedback from people like you who use our services; research; and council’s priorities.


A group of people sitting at a table, circled by the word plan

This plan looks at:

1: Good Leadership (telling workers how to get things done)

2: Improvement and Change

3: Healthy and Included People

4: Climate Change and where we live




Several people holding signs and a ballot box

 Good Leadership


We will:

A group of men in suits standing next to a white board training others

•       Train Elected Members (people you voted for to decide what your community needs) about treating people equally.


A person in a green turtleneck

•       Have a ‘Diversity Ambassador’; who speaks up on Diversity matters.


A group of people standing around a person in a wheelchair checking services provided

•       All services will contain actions to involve people and treat them equally.


A notepad with a check mark on it

•       Share good practices and train staff on writing policies and procedures.


A hand holding a pen and a questionnaire

•       Council surveys asking your thoughts will include equality and good relations questions.


A person in a wheelchair who can't get in as there are steps

•       Our leaders will check for service issues or barriers and work towards fixing them.


Two people checking for barriers

We will test changes to make sure they do not create issues or barriers.



A person holding a sign with a green tick and red cross showing a good change

 Improvement and Change


We will:

A person pointing at a clipboard with a check mark

•       Check our buildings and services every year using a form called “Every Customer Counts”.  We will make plans to fix issues or barriers that we find.


A person in a wheelchair and a person in a red sweater chatting

•       Ask service users about ways to improve our services.


A person and a child holding badminton rackets

•       Check everyone can use our Leisure Centres.


A park with a playground and a group of people

•       Improve the play parks we have in rural areas.


Changing places toilet

•       Make sure all Council events have changing places toilets available.         


A mobile accessible changing unit

•       Tell you where the mobile changing places toilet will be.


A person sitting at a desk with a computer

•       Help people living with disabilities to gain work experience and skills.        


A young person reading an Easy read document

•       Increase the number of Council’s Easy Read documents.


A person in a hat on a television showing subtitles

•       Include subtitles in online videos and social media information. 


[23 A group of boats in the marina]

•       Look at possible improvements for our Marinas.


A group of people standing together in front of an LGBTQIA+ flag

•       Ask what barriers people in the LGBTQIA+ community face.


A group of people working

•       Act to encourage younger people to work for Council.


A computer with Causeway Coast and Glens website on the screen

•       Improve our website.


A group of people bullying a woman

•       Improve understanding about Hate Crime in our borough.


A red car parking in an accessible space

•       Look at car parking provision in Council owned car parks and check there is enough accessible parking.


A child pointing at an arrow moving up to two

•       Increase the number of changing places toilets in the borough by 2.         


A recycling centre in the area

•       Look at how accessible Household Recycling Centres are and see what improvements can be made.


A public toilet cubicle

•       Look at how accessible Public Conveniences are and see what improvements can be made. 


A group of men in safety vests loading garbage cans

•       Check refuse collection services and work out the best way to tell people about collection day changes.


A jar of jam with writing on its right that says please be patient, I have Dementia

•       Train staff on ‘Just a Minute’ (JAM) Awareness.     


A group of people sitting at a table for an interview

•       Train staff who sit on interview panels how best to support individuals with disabilities.


A hand ticking a survey

•       All surveys must be sent to the Equality Forum, Youth Voice and Age-friendly Forum.

A group of older people smiling

•       Look at possible leisure centre discounts for older people.


A coloured map of a building

•       Provide a map of the building to support Neurodiverse service users starting with Leisure Centres.

An outline of the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough area

•       Check if money spent can be shown by the place (town, village).  To help Elected Members (people you voted for to decide what your community needs) to make decisions.


Trans people

•       Make a trans equality policy for Elected Members decision.


Two friends sitting in chairs signing to each other

•       Improve information for sign language and hearing-impaired users.


A person looking at a sign that has Makaton pictures along with the words

•       Improve visual signage.  


A child holding a sign that says autism friendly

•       Achieve an Autism Impact award at the 3 Main Leisure Sites.


Changing places toilet

•       Make a Changing Places facility at Megaw Park, Ballymoney.


A person riding a bicycle Description automatically generated

•       Improve inclusive cycling with a cycle hire scheme.


A young person holding a sign that says autism friendly

•       Work towards becoming an Autism Friendly Borough.  (a place where people with Autism can be themselves)


A logo with colourful petals to show wellness

•       Improve Mental Well-Being by following the Local Government plan.


A person and person sitting at a table with a gravestone behind them 

•       Change the Special Leave Policy to include Bereavement.


A group of people working

•       Improve employment skills for individuals within the Section 75 groups.




A group of people sitting at a table talking about healthy food

 Healthy and Included People   


We will:

A collage of our elected members

•       Look for ways to help Elected Members understand the needs of people in the Section 75 groupings.


A person in a blue shirt signing the word information

•       Increase the information we hold about staff in the Section 75 groupings.       


A person holding a piece of paper and sharing it with another person

•       Share more information across Council.


A group of people standing together in front of an LGBTQIA+ flag

•       Look at ways to support members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 


A person and children sitting on a couch

•       Check that family-friendly policies are available to all staff.  


Coleraine Council Office

•       Hold information about the condition of our buildings, land and equipment to help speed up repairs and maintenance work.


A person pointing at a pie chart

•       Look at how we measure with other NI Councils. 


A person wearing a t-shirt that says healthy along with safety items

•       Check for Health and Safety Issues and develop a repair schedule.         


A tap with drops of water

•       Hold information about private water supplies on our computer systems to speed up repairs. 


A person standing next to dogs in a house

•       Help people to apply for house changes on-line to building control.  Improve by 10% in 2024.


Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens, Councillor Steven Callaghan and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Margaret-Anne McKillop at the newly upgraded coastal path in Cushendall

•       Hold information on coastal management.   


A person shooting a netball

•       Hold information on sports clubs in the borough.


A hand holding a pen and a questionnaire

All surveys must be sent to the Equality Forum, Youth Voice and Age-friendly Forum.


A group of construction equipment
•       Improve operations in Estates. 


A close-up of a business card which says Town Centre Partnership
•       Check with the Town Centre Forum to understand what businesses and visitors need.


A magnifying glass with questionnaires inside
•       Ask Leisure centre members who leave why they are leaving to see if there are common problems.



2 people holding signs about climate change

Climate Change and where we live


We will:

A person standing behind a person looking scary
•       Look at ways to reduce anti-social behaviour where you live.


A group of people bullying a woman

•       Train staff about hate crime.


A light on a pole showing buildings in the background

•       Improve the lights in Car parks with poor lighting.         


A group of colourful balls next to a white cylinder

•       Speak to young people about new sports.     


A person wearing a white head scarf and glasses          

•       Provide information about different communities to schools.      


A person painting a landscape

•       Provide arts events and projects which can be attended by people from all Section 75 groups.


Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens, Councillor Stephen Callaghan alongside Sally Forwood holding donated artefacts.
•       Provide museums services for people from all Section 75 groups.


A group of people on the Causeway stones

•       Work with others to make a 5-year Age Friendly Plan.


A phone with a hand holding money to pay for parking
•       Tell people how to pay for parking using their mobile phone. 


A hand turning a dial on a white device Description automatically generated
•       Reduce the energy we use and help our planet live.