Council uses Easy Read to treat everyone fairly

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A woman reading a book

Council uses Easy Read to treat everyone fairly




Progress Report document

Council tells you what we did in a booklet every year.




A person holding a sign with a green and red check mark to show an improvement

It lists improvements we made to treat people more fairly.




An example easy read document

Council now uses Easy Read.




A person holding her finger up to show she understands

Easy Read helps people to read and understand our information.




Two people sitting at a table reading and writing

Easy Read can support people who have: learning difficulties; dyslexia; had a stroke; moved here from another country; and many others.




Mayor Steven Callaghan

Our Mayor Steven Callaghan is pleased with this improvement. 




A group of people standing together

Our Mayor welcomes service improvements for: People who live here; and People who visit here.




A variety of staff pictures

All our staff will continue to work hard to make more improvements.




A computer with the word click on the screen to tell people to follow the link

You can see our Easy Read documents here