Who is involved in the plan?

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Who is involved in the plan?


People at the community plan event

The plan was developed by going out and talking to lots of different people who live and work in the area and organisations who are based here.  We held lots of different events to hear what you thought!  


a group of people including doctors, council workers, teachers and others
Organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors have come together to develop the plan. 



The Partnership is a group of 14 organisations including:


Council headquarters Coleraine




a person standing outside a school




a housing executive building

Housing Executive



the invest ni logo

Invest Northern Ireland



group of consultants, doctors and nurses

Health Services



a fire fighter with the fire engine

NI Fire and Rescue Services



sport northern Ireland logo

Sport NI



tourism northern Ireland logo




a librarian

Library Service



a group of police officers



a group of people sharing their thoughts and experiences

These organisations will work together to plan and put in place services that make our lives better and meet our Community’s needs.  

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