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Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council
Public Authority Statutory Equality and Good Relations Duties 
Annual Progress Report 2020-21


Section 23 
Looking Forward



Please indicate when the Equality Scheme is due for review:        2024


Are there areas of the Equality Scheme arrangements (screening/consultation/training) your organisation anticipates will be focused upon in the next reporting period? (please provide details)

Equality training for elected members.

Improving information systems to support equality screening.

Consultation training for officers to reach all equality sections.


In relation to the advice and services that the Commission offers, what equality and good relations priorities are anticipated over the next (2021-22) reporting period? (please tick any that apply)

     ☒     Employment

     ☒     Goods, facilities and services

     ☒     Legislative changes

     ☐     Organisational changes/ new functions

     ☐     Nothing specific, more of the same

     ☒     Other (please state):      Consulting in the new normal