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Youth Champions

As local leaders who know their communities well, Councillors are ideally placed to understand the services and support needed and wanted for young people in the Borough.  The Council’s Youth Champions will examine how all local provision (not just youth services) supports young people, identifying the outcomes that matter most to young people and working with partners to find ways to deliver these.  Councils may not be in a position to directly deliver or commission all youth provision but their ability to influence and support such provision is invaluable.

Councillor Mairs

Councillor Amy Mairs (Alliance Party)
Represents Limavady District Electoral Area

​Contact Details:
Mob: 077 4920 0309

Councillor John McAuley

Councillor John McAuley (Democratic Unionist Party)
Represents Causeway District Electoral Area

Contact Details:
Mob:  077 3647 4848


Consultation with young people and our partners is key and the Council recognises the efforts of the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People towards mainstreaming the involvement and participation of children and young people in decisions that affect them or in matters which may have an impact on their lives.  The Council’s Youth Champions will strive to work towards this goal within Council and will include the local voluntary and community sector, faith groups, schools and employers in this undertaking.

The Council also recognises the excellent work being undertaken by the Education Authority Youth Service, particularly their work with the Youth Councils in this area.  The Youth Service sees the participation of young people as a key priority and their aim is to focus on the active participation of young people “… to support the development of a credible, democratic and accountable voice for young people.”

In support of this aim the Council has entered into a formal Partnership with the local Youth Councils and, among other things, this Partnership:

  • Recognises the local Youth Councils as a representative voice for young people in the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area.

  • Commits the Council to include young people in Council consultations with regard to local services provision and Community Planning.

  • Includes Youth Council representation on Council’s Equality Forum.

  • Provides opportunities for the Youth Council to pro-actively engage and participate in activities with the Mayor and Councillors.