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Coleraine Museum at Coleraine Town Hall

Coleraine Town Hall, built in 1859, is Coleraine Museum’s Accredited exhibition venue.

Coleraine Museum at Coleraine Town Hall is open for over 6 months of the year and features vibrant temporary exhibitions, events and talks inspired by the rich museum collection. Here, you can begin to explore ‘Irish History Starts Here’ with the story of Mountsandel – the first known settlement in Ireland nearly 10,000 years ago, and the history of Coleraine as the first Planted town of the official plantation over 400 years ago. Highlights from the extensive collection include artwork and illustrations by the prolific local artist, Hugh Thomson, books and papers of renowned folklorist, Sam Henry and much more. In the absence of a permanent museum venue for visitors, an appointment can be made with Coleraine Museum to explore other parts of the collection.

The iconic listed building in the town centre also houses the Visitor Information Centre and other community cultural events.

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