Coleraine Custody Suite

Coleraine Custody Suite

Fri, December 09, 2022

Coleraine Custody Suite

At the Causeway Coast and Glens PCSP meeting on 1st December 2022 Members expressed their concerns regarding the proposed closure of the Custody Suite in Coleraine Police Station.

During the discussion the Superintendent explained that this was a strategic decision which was considered by Northern Ireland Policing Board and PSNI.

Following the debate, the PCSP Manager was asked to write to the Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Policing Board to express the Partnership’s grave concern about the lack of consultation with the PCSP and no public consultation regarding the closure of the Custody Suite in Coleraine. Members were keen to know how PSNI will promote confidence in policing if officer availability in the area is further reduced to transporting individuals to Custody Suites in other locations outside the Borough.  Members asked if the issues could be raised at the Northern Ireland Policing Board meeting with the Chief Constable.

Alderman Adrian McQuillan

PCSP Chair