Recording Noise Nuisance & The Noise App

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Recording Noise Nuisance & The Noise App

The Noise App 2.0 can be used to record noise nusiance every time there is a problem within Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area.  It is a free download and enables anyone disturbed by noise to record the incident on their smart phone and submit it directly to Councils Environmental Health Team.  Council staff can then review the recording by accessing a secure website.  The Noise App also allows you to record noise disturbances as they happen and helps to create your noise diary as supporting evidence to your noise complaint.

Please contact Environmental Health on 028 2755 0257 before using the Noise App for the first time.
Additional information in relation to the Noise App is available from the Noise App webiste at and through the explanatory videos below.


Explanatory Videos

The Noise App introduction video can be viewed below:



The Noise App 2.0 Walkthrough video can also be viewed below:


Download the App

To download the app go to the 'App Store' for iPhone users or the 'Play Store' for Android users.  Search for 'The Noise App' and click 'Get' or 'Install' to download the app.

Creating and Account on The Noise App 2.0

The Noise App has recently been updated to ‘The Noise App 2.0’.  Users should be advised that the old Noise App will no longer be in use and the Noise App 2.0 should be downloaded from the ‘App Store’ for Apple users and ‘Play Store’ for Android users.

  • Download The Noise App 2.0 from the App Store and click the Create an account button if you have not used the Noise App before.
  • Enter your email address
  • Begin typing the name of your reporting organisation (Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council).  Select from the drop-down menu and click continue
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your postcode and select the address from the drop-down menu (if your address does not appear, you can enter this information manually)
  • Create your password and click Create an account button
  • Check your email to confirm your account and complete your account set-up
  • Please accept your terms and conditions
  • Please allow The Noise App to access your microphone (to enable you to take recordings using the service), GPS and camera, if applicable.

Once your account has been confirmed you can then begin submitting recordings.  The duration of each recording is 30 seconds.

Submitting a Noise Recording


  • When logging in to The Noise App for the first time, your case diary will be blank
  • Click Add new case to submit your evidence
  • Select your reporting organisation: (Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council)
  • Click continue
  • To take your recording, tap on the microphone icon to start and then tap once more to finish
  • You can listen back to the recording you have taken by clicking on the play button
  • If you would like to start again, you have the option to retake the audio.

Select the Source

Enter the name and address where the noise is coming from, or alternatively, use the map to drop a location pin, and the app will automatically fill in the address information for you.

Select your location

Where did you record the noise?  Choose an area of your property and select from the list provided.

Intensity and Commentary

Provide information on how long the noise has been affecting you on this occasion, in hours and minutes and provide an intensity rating for how severe you feel the noise is for you.

In the free-text comment box, you can provide any additional information on the issue.
Forward your report
Click continue to forward your report.  You will be presented with a summary of the information you have provided in your report. 

(If changes are needed, you can click on the pencil icons to make necessary amendments.)
Accept the declaration and click submit to send your report to your reporting organisation.  You will see a confirmation page that indicates your report has been sent.

​Further Support

If you would like further support on any information on this page please contact Environmental Health on the phone number or email address below.

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