Artificial Light Nuisance

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We can deal with excessive artificial light, where a statutory nuisance is established

Light pollution may result in glare and spill due to improper location, design and position.

Light may arise due to security lights, garden lights, flood lighting from sports grounds or industrial lighting. 

It does not cover: 

  • airports harbour premises

  • railway premises

  • bus stations

  • public service vehicle operating centre (coach or taxi companies)

  • goods vehicles operating centres (distribution houses)

  • lighthouses, or

  • prisons

If you are being disturbed by artificial lighting, there are two ways to address it:

Take informal action

Neighbours may not be aware that their external lighting is bothering you and may be happy to meet your requests or make a compromise. Choose a suitable time to discuss the problem and remember to be calm, polite and courteous and to avoid confrontation. You may also feel more comfortable bringing another person with you.

However, if you don't feel able to approach those responsible for the lighting or have already tried and were unsuccessful more direct action may be needed and you should contact us.

Abatement notice

We'll make an assessment of the lighting.   We may ask you to keep a diary recording the dates and times of each disturbance, or to allow our officers into your home to monitor the level of lighting. 

If we agree that a nuisance exists or is likely to occur, we can serve the person responsible with an Abatement Notice, asking them to alter or reduce it light levels. 

If they don't comply with the notice, we can take the offender to court where they can be fined up to £5,000 (private premises) or up to £20,000 for commercial or industrial premises. 

We can also undertake works to ensure compliance with the notice and recover any costs incurred from the person responsible.